Monday, September 23, 2013

Los Angelas pastor arrested for sexually assaulting more than 20 women

NORWALK ( — An associate pastor at a Norwalk church was being held on $2 million bail Thursday after he was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting female parishioners, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said.

Jorge Juan Castro, 53, was arrested Sept. 13 on six felony charges of rape, oral copulation and penetration by a foreign object.

Castro, who works as an associate pastor and counselor at Las Buenas Nuevas Church in Norwalk, is accused of sexually assaulting more than 20 women, between the ages of 18 and 39, from Oct. 2004 to Sept. 2012, officials said.

“During that counseling session, he would perform certain acts with them in the name of God,” Sgt. Al Garcia told KNX 1070. The acts took place both at the church, and at the victims’ homes, he added.

Many of the victims were Spanish-speaking undocumented immigrants who detectives believe Castro preyed upon due to their vulnerability.
“He did this by invoking fear by threatening to tell the victims if they reported him he would have the victims deported, while additionally threatening to expose the victims to public embarrassment and ridicule,” Sgt. Al Garcias said in a statement.
Authorities became aware of the crimes after numerous victims told a third party about the alleged assaults.

Castro, of Norwalk, is also an associate pastor at a church in Riverside County, however, there were no known victims there.

Anyone with information, as well as possible victims, should contact the LASD’s Special Victims Bureau detectives at (877)710-5273. Investigators will not ask victims about their legal status.


Contemporary Comment said...

It is amazing all the things you put on your blog against Christianity and yet you appear to be avoiding all the honour killings, the persecution of the kafir within Islam. The fact that women's testimonies are half that of a man's in Shari'a Law. The fact that Muslim men only have to say to their wives - I divorce you 3 times and it is done, whereas if a woman tries to divorce her husband, she is disowned and sometimes murdered by her family. The fact that, although Mohammed said that if a wife is disobedient she can be struck, many Muslim men go further and regularly beat their wives. Islam is anti-women.

Ali said...

LOL what's this? Another holy spirit guided Christian trying to preach about Islam?

Lets go over some facts:

1) I don't ignore what happens in Muslim countries. I know they are not Islamic, but run on cultural and tribal traditions.

2) All those hate sites I have listed on my side bar? Do they post stories about Christians doing terrible acts? Nope

3) No, a woman's testimony is not worth half of men's.

4) Divorce is highly discouraged in Islam. I suggest you read fatwas on it (see the fatwa blog I run) before running your damn mouth.

4) Muhammed pbuh NEVER said disobedient women to be struck, this is yet another lie by the holy spirit inside of you.

I suggest you tell the holy spirit inside you to give it a rest.