Friday, May 3, 2013

Conservative Christian Pastors burn down religious shrines

Police in Luuka District are holding four pastors and 6 of their followers for burning down shrines and cutting down a tree believed to be a medium of spirits.
The nine shrines burnt on Sunday belonged to families that subscribe to one of the traditional African religions. The ‘spiritual’ tree was on the compound of 70-year-old James Kawewela.
The group had gone to Luuka to preach the gospel at Solid Rock, a local Pentecostal church establishment located in Waibuga village.

The accused include pastor Esther Lovisa of His Voice Assembly Church, based in Masajja Zone in Kampala who were arrested on Monday.
According to Police, the group was arrested after Mr Moses Sanyu, one of Mzee Kawewela’s sons, filed a complaint, accusing the pastors of malicious damage to property and violating their right to freedom of worship.
Speaking to the Daily Monitor from Waibuga Police Post, Pastor Lovisa, a daughter to the same old man, said the shrines were burnt and the tree brought down after their father became born again.

“When we went home for a chat, father accepted to be saved. So after him accepting Christ as his personal saviour, we had to burn all those things so that his road to God’s kingdom is cleared,” she said.

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