Saturday, February 2, 2013

Nigerian Pastor arrested for raping two women

pastor with a Pentecostal church has appeared in court for allegedly raping two women from his church on separate occasions.

Greatness Tapfuma (31), a Zimbabwean, allegedly raped a 25-year-old congregant twice and another one who is aged 22 once.

It is alleged that he would invite them to his house or go to their houses on the pretext of holding prayer sessions and eventually rape them. Tapfuma has pleaded not guilty to the charges.
He appeared in court on Tuesday. Tapfuma was remanded out of custody to 13 February on $100 bail.

Allegations against him are that on an unknown date, but during the month of November 2011, Tapfuma invited the 25-year-old church member to his house for prayers. While there, Tapfuma dragged the woman into his bedroom where he allegedly raped her once.

On another date in December of the same year, Tapfuma allegedly visited the complainant at her workplace, bought vegetables and asked her to help him carry them to his house.

The court heard that when they got home, Tapfuma dragged her into his bedroom and allegedly raped her once. It is alleged that on 28 January 2012, Tapfuma phoned the 22-year-old complainant and asked for directions to her house saying he wanted to conduct prayers with her.

The court was told that the pastor bought some food at a fast food outlet, which he took to the woman’s place and they ate the food sitting on the floor. After the meal, Tapfuma allegedly proposed love, but was turned down. He then allegedly forced her to lie on the floor and raped her once.

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