Monday, December 17, 2012

Indiana Pastor arrested for molesting young girl

Now I'm gonna take a gamble on this one. The article doesn't mention gender. But we clearly see young girls and women are always the victims. So I'd say we're pretty safe on this.

A New Albany, Ind., pastor was arrested at his Louisville home Wednesday night on child molestation charges.

Isrom Perry-Johnson, 33, of the 500 block of South Third Street, is charged with three counts of second-degree sodomy.

Officer Carey Klain, a spokeswoman for Louisville Metro Police, said the second-degree charge means the incident involved a victim 14 or younger. Perry-Johnson was indicted after the victim came forward recently with information about an incident in 2010, she said.

Louisville Metro Police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said the department would not disclose the victim’s gender.

One member of Johnson’s congregation at Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church, in the 700 block of Linden Avenue in New Albany, said he was shocked by the charges.

“He’s a very loving and caring person,” said Timothy Vinson, 28, of Jeffersonville. “He’s the definition of a pastor. It comes as a shock. I couldn’t see him doing the crime.”

Vinson said he never heard any allegations of misconduct about Perry-Johnson and doesn’t know who the alleged victim is. The congregation, which numbers about 20, consists mostly of adults in their 20s, but some minors also attend, he said.

Vinson said he has been a member of the church for three years and was attracted to Perry-Johnson’s energetic preaching and the community.

“We’re pretty much like a family,” he said. “We’re very nurturing and care for one another. If one’s sick, the rest of us are sick. If one’s happy, the rest of us are happy.”

Prince of Peace was founded in 1970 and was originally at 17th Street and Kentucky Street in Louisville, according to its website. The church closed in 1980 and reopened in 1982 on Garland Avenue in Louisville. That location burned in 2004.

After operating in various locations for about a year, the church hired Perry-Johnson in July 2005 as its new pastor.

Under his leadership, the church bought its current location in New Albany, although the exact date isn’t given on the website.

A biography of Perry-Johnson on the church’s website says he has been preaching since he was 19.

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