Monday, December 31, 2012

Minnesota Pastor arrested for sexual misconduct against 16 year old girl

OUTSIDE ST. PAUL, MN -- A local pastor accused of running away with a 16-year-old parishioner after possibly getting the girl pregnant was returned to Minnesota on Wednesday and is scheduled to make his first court appearance today.
Gustaro Resendiz Talabera, 39, of West St. Paul, is charged with third-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony with a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a $30,000 fine. He is also facing two gross misdemeanor charges of deprivation of custodial or parental rights, each of which has a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a $4,000 fine.
Talabera, who was captured last week, arrived at the Dakota County Jail in Hastings about 7 p.m. Wednesday after being extradited from Illinois, where he and the girl were found Sept. 27.
Authorities say Talabera called his 15-year-old son Sept. 26 and allegedly said he was having an affair with the girl, and that she might be pregnant. Talabera said they were planning to flee to Mexico, where Talabera has relatives, according to court documents.

The girl, who turned 16 in June, sent a text message to her mother and stepfather, telling them that she wanted to “start a new life” with Talabera and asking them to keep police out of it, according to the criminal complaint.

The girl was taken into protective custody after she was found in Illinois with Talabera.
Talabera was scheduled to appear in court at 11 a.m. today.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nigerian Pastor arrested for raping 14 year old girl

The General Overseer of the Mountain Movers Fire Ministries Int'l, Pastor Basil Princewill have been arrested by the FCT Commissioner of Police and arraigned alongside Ms Paulyn Ode, his church coordinator over charges of conspiracy, criminal impersonation, criminal intimidation, criminal force and assault. (Watch a shot video below).

It was gathered that Pastor Princewill, whose church is location in Nyanya Abuja, was dragged before an Abuja Chief Magistrate Court in Karu for r*ping a 14-year-old girl.

After taking his plea in court, Magistrate Ahmed Shuaibu granted the accused bail in the sum of N2million with two sureties in like sum. The sureties must be civil servants of no less than Grade Level 15 and must have a property in Abuja valued at not less than N5 million.

Pastor Princewill will remain in custody until he meets his bail condition, while the substantive trial was shifted to a later date.

Some popular Nollywood actors who are said to be regular faces in Pastor Princewill's church include Zack Orji, Larry Koldsweat and Sammy Okposo.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Israeli city bans Christmas trees

Of course, no right wing rabid evangelical would believe this.

"...Shimon Gapso, the mayor of Upper Nazareth, had banned Christmas trees from all public buildings in his northern Israeli city.

"'Upper Nazareth is a Jewish town and all its symbols are Jewish,' Gapso said. 'As long as I hold office, no non-Jewish symbol will be presented in the city.'

"(...) The mayor is a stalwart ally of far-right politician Avigdor Lieberman and regularly expresses virulently anti-Arab views, including recently calling Nazarenes 'Israel-hating residents whose place is in Gaza' and their city 'a nest of terror in the heart of the Galilee'.

"(...) But Gapso is not alone in his trenchant opposition to making even the most cursory nod towards multiculturalism. The city’s chief rabbi, Isaiah Herzl, has refused to countenance a single Christmas tree in Upper Nazareth, arguing that it would be 'offensive to Jewish eyes'.

"That view, it seems, reflects the official position of the country’s rabbinate. In so far as they are able, the rabbis have sought to ban Christmas celebrations in public buildings, including in the hundreds of hotels across the country.

"A recent report in the Haaretz newspaper, on an Israeli Jew who grows Christmas trees commercially, noted in passing: 'hotels – under threat of losing kashrut certificates – are prohibited by the rabbinate from decking their halls in boughs of holly or, heaven forbid, putting up even the smallest of small sparkly Christmas tree in the corner of the lobby.'"

In the article it mentioned the city of Haifa also banning non-Jewish festivals.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Pastor from New Mexico arrested for sexually assaulting 12 year old girl

From 2011

LOS LUNAS, N.M. (KRQE) - Steven Joseph Perez, 64, from Los Lunas was arrested May 16 in Colorado by Pueblo Police for sexually molesting a girl back in October. But his neighbors back home are just now finding out about it.

Perez founded God's Church on the Move in Los Chavez. According to Pueblo Police, he was staying with the girl's family in Colorado for a few months late last year to "help out with bills by paying rent." The family used to attend Perez's church.

But according to the criminal complaint, the young girl, 12, told police she went to "Pastor Steve's room" one night to watch a movie. She said Perez fondled her. The girl told police she pretended to be asleep because she was scared and uncomfortable.

But Perez told police he's innocent. In his arrest warrant, Perez told police, "we were just wrestling, me and (victim), there was nothing sexual, (victim) is known for lying."

Perez continued saying, "you know how it is when you are wrestling? You get hurt and places on your body get touched without meaning anything by it?"

Perez is no longer the pastor at God's Church on the Move. His son now preaches there. People living in the kid-friendly neighborhood behind the small church were shocked to hear the allegations.

"I think (Perez) should be locked up, put away and throw the key away, so it's really rough to hear that," said neighbor Anthony Chavez. "It's sad actually."

Police did not immediately take Perez into custody back in October, citing his health issues. Perez is on an oxygen tank.

Perez posted his $20,000 bond on May 17.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

California Pastor arrested for molesting several young girls

SALINAS, Calif. - Central Coast News is learning a longtime pastor for the Salinas Valley has been arrested for child molestation and charged by the District Attorney's office.
77 year old Frank Martinez was arrested on December 12th by investigators for the Salinas Police Department.
According to officials with the Monterey County District Attorney's office, Martinez was charged with five counts all stemming from child molestation.
The counts include reoccurring sexual contact with a child under the age of 14 and lewd and lascivious acts with a child under the age of 14, the youngest 6 years old.
The counts pertain to incidents that happened between the years 2000 and 2012.
One source, a 34-year-old relative of Martinez, claims she was a fourth victim to him. She told Central Coast News in an e-mail about his history.
"He wasn't a pastor at the time. It happened when he lived at the Sunset Park apartments on Del Monte Avenue. When I was 6 or 7 he became a pastor. There was a church on Sieber St. in East Salinas where he first started as a pastor. That was maybe in 1985 or 86."
She said Martinez opened United Christian Church, in Salinas, in 2000. According to well-known pastor, Frank Gomez, Martinez was well liked in the area and he never knew of any illegal actions.
Gomez said Martinez resigned two years ago and his congregation was turned over to Sally Torres, who moved the ministry to Castroville.
Sources tell Central Coast News that Frank Martinez was a pastor for over thirty years and most recently preached for the Christian Counseling Center in Salinas, which closed some years ago.
Those same sources tell Central Coast News that Martinez went under a number of different aliases in the Monterey County community.
Martinez pleaded not guilty to all the charges on December 17th and is due back in court on Wednesday, December 26th and a preliminary hearing could be scheduled for Friday, December 28th.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Alaskan Pastor arrested for sexually abusing young girl

FAIRBANKS—The former pastor of a Fairbanks church has been accused of carrying on a months-long sexual relationship with a teenage girl. A grand jury last week indicted S. Anthony Justice, 31, on 12 counts of sexual abuse of a minor, a class B felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison. Police believe that Justice is somewhere in the Lower 48, possibly in Georgia. A $25,000 warrant for his arrest has been issued. Justice was hired as the pastor of Corinthian Baptist Church in 2007 but led the church for only 15 months before he was dismissed in August 2008. Fairbanks police believe Justice met the 15-year-old victim while he was pastor. Detective Peyton Merideth said Justice initially engaged in suspicious activity with the girl, including sending inappropriate text messages at church functions. “There was some inappropriate behavior, it was not necessarily illegal though,” he said. However, the relationship between Justice and the teen allegedly became sexual last summer, months after he was dismissed as pastor of the church. Justice’s dismissal led to a lengthy court case about whether the church’s leadership or the congregation has the right to fire a pastor. Justice’s supporters said he attracted new worshippers, especially younger people to the church, while trustees said they found his leadership lacking.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christian teacher arrested for raping 14 year old girl

Tyler Baatz, 26, was arrested in August on felony charges of child seduction and sexual misconduct, class D and class B felonies respectively. Today, the former middle school teacher was sentenced to prison for his crime.

Just before Judge Duane Huffer handed down his sentence, Baatz said he is deeply sorry for the pain he has caused the victim, her family, the schools, his friends and the community. “There’s nothing I can do to ever take back what I did … this is something I will personally carry with me the rest of my life.”

The father of the 14-year-old girl Baatz admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with, also addressed the court and, through an emotional statement, said his daughter is dealing with issues related to the violation. “We try to tell her it’s not her fault, but parents tell their kids not to hang out with her … She’s dealing with issues at school, friends who no longer associate with her.”

The victim’s father added, the impact that the events have had have left “such a cloud over our family.”

Two witnesses also spoke in court on behalf of Baatz. Among them was Winona Lake pastor Rodney Valentine who said Baatz sought him out seeking spiritual guidance. ”What happened to these families is grievous but that was a broken man. I see a man who owns his sin and is seeking the help he needs.”

Judge Huffer addressed Baatz during sentencing saying, “This is one of the sad cases we have. Both the victim and perpetrator are young. Here we have a young man with no criminal history, no delinquent act, just appears to be a really good person. But then we get down to the aspect of your own statement in the police report which you said, ‘I alone was responsible, I was the person in a position of trust’ and that says it all.”

With a plea agreement that dropped the class D felony charge of child seduction, Baatz was sentenced for the class B felony crime of sexual misconduct to 6 years in the Indiana Department of Corrections with credit for 6 days served. Judge Huffer suspended 3 years of the jail term which will be served on probation. Baatz will also be required to register as a sex offender.

Baatz was jailed Aug. 21 following a Warsaw Police investigation that uncovered an inappropriate relationship with one of his 14-year-old female students at Edgewood Middle School. Baatz had been a teacher at the school for over 3 years but was suspended without pay two days after his arrest before he resigned.

According to a probable cause affidavit released by the Kosciusko County Prosecutor, Baatz admitted to inappropriate conduct with his former student. The acts occurred over a period of three weeks in August at his apartment in Warsaw.

Following sentencing, Baatz hugged several family members and friends and was remanded to the custody of the Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department.

New York church employee arrested for raping teen girl

This time he played the wrong tune.

A Brooklyn middle school music teacher and trumpet player bedded a teenage member of his wife’s youth choir — and even had sex with the girl while his wife was at church, officials said.

Vaughn McKinney, a teacher at IS 59 in Queens, was arrested this morning on charges of rape and sexual misconduct, cops said.

The music teacher allegedly pressured the then- 16-year-old girl into a sexual relationship after she complained about needing a job because she didn’t have enough money to buy a phone.
McKinney not only bought the girl a cell phone and paid the monthly bills, according to city investigators, he also gave her an iPod, shoes from a SoHo boutique and cash — but with sleazy strings attached.

“If I get you the cell phone, you know what you have to do for it,” McKinney was quoted as saying by the girl’s father, a report by the Special Commissioner of Investigation found.

The now 18-year-old girl told investigators she has sex with McKinney 12 to 15 times throughout 2011 — including at a hotel identified as the Surfside Motel in Queens and in his East Flatbush basement on Sundays after his wife, Patricia, had left for church.

Patricia McKinney is the musical director for the East Flatbush Ecumenical Community Choir, which the girl was a member for four years.

Vaughn McKinney would sometimes attend the choir’s practice sessions.

The twisted relationship began to unravel last fall when the girl confided in a youth minister at The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church about the affair, the report says.

The church pastor then confronted McKinney, allegedly got him to confess — and reported the matter to the girl’s mother.

The pastor told investigators he did not contact police at that point, the report says.

The girl’s mother also stalled in reporting the incident, investigators said. When the teen’s father found out, he went to the local precinct but the girl was uncooperative.

Eventually, Patricia McKinney found a bill for the girls’ cell phone and reached out to her.

Patricia soon learned the harsh truth after meeting with the girl’s mom, then “left the restaurant, went to her car and started to cry,” according to the report.

No one reported the relationship to authorities until March 2012, when the girl’s mother contacted SCI.

Their report confirmed the sexual contact, but left it open as to whether it began when the girl was 16 or 17.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Indiana Pastor arrested for raping thirteen year old girl

WOW wtf is up with Indiana? In less than two weeks, three pastor's from Indiana have been arrested for failing to control themselves aroung young girls and women.

GREENFIELD, Ind. (WISH) - Youth pastor jailed for allegations he had sex with a 13-year-old girl.

According to court documents the victim, now 16, told officers about the alleged crime in April at the Greenfield Police department.

She gave a statement that three years ago, 60-year-old Steve Harding had sex with her at his home.

The victim told police a second incident happened inside the New Palestine United Methodist Church. She also told police the pastor grabbed her sexually.

Detectives brought Harding in for questioning and he denied the allegations. However, police say Harding failed three critical questions during a lie detector test.

An arrest warrant was issued for Harding and he was later arrested in Marion County.

Harding is currently charged with one count of child molestation, and count of sexual misconduct with a minor.

Senior Pastor of New Palestine United Methodist Church released a statement about the current investigation:

"We deeply regret any pain or embarrassment this event has caused to the complainant and family or to Steve and the Harding family."

Harding has been placed on administrative leave from the church pending an investigation.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Indiana Pastor arrested for molesting young girl

Now I'm gonna take a gamble on this one. The article doesn't mention gender. But we clearly see young girls and women are always the victims. So I'd say we're pretty safe on this.

A New Albany, Ind., pastor was arrested at his Louisville home Wednesday night on child molestation charges.

Isrom Perry-Johnson, 33, of the 500 block of South Third Street, is charged with three counts of second-degree sodomy.

Officer Carey Klain, a spokeswoman for Louisville Metro Police, said the second-degree charge means the incident involved a victim 14 or younger. Perry-Johnson was indicted after the victim came forward recently with information about an incident in 2010, she said.

Louisville Metro Police spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said the department would not disclose the victim’s gender.

One member of Johnson’s congregation at Prince of Peace Missionary Baptist Church, in the 700 block of Linden Avenue in New Albany, said he was shocked by the charges.

“He’s a very loving and caring person,” said Timothy Vinson, 28, of Jeffersonville. “He’s the definition of a pastor. It comes as a shock. I couldn’t see him doing the crime.”

Vinson said he never heard any allegations of misconduct about Perry-Johnson and doesn’t know who the alleged victim is. The congregation, which numbers about 20, consists mostly of adults in their 20s, but some minors also attend, he said.

Vinson said he has been a member of the church for three years and was attracted to Perry-Johnson’s energetic preaching and the community.

“We’re pretty much like a family,” he said. “We’re very nurturing and care for one another. If one’s sick, the rest of us are sick. If one’s happy, the rest of us are happy.”

Prince of Peace was founded in 1970 and was originally at 17th Street and Kentucky Street in Louisville, according to its website. The church closed in 1980 and reopened in 1982 on Garland Avenue in Louisville. That location burned in 2004.

After operating in various locations for about a year, the church hired Perry-Johnson in July 2005 as its new pastor.

Under his leadership, the church bought its current location in New Albany, although the exact date isn’t given on the website.

A biography of Perry-Johnson on the church’s website says he has been preaching since he was 19.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Philadelphia Pastor arrested for sexually harassing females

Cumru Township Police arrested a pastor who they say stalked and harassed members of the congregation by sending them harassing and sexually explicit text messages.

Last November, a member of the Spring Valley Church of God in Muhlenberg Township told police she received several text messages between April and November from a person who refused to identity himself. The woman described the messages as forms of harassment and believed she was being stalked at her workplace and home. Investigators say some of the messages were sexually explicit.

Police began to investigate and say they discovered that other members of the Spring Valley Church received similar text messages. Cumru Township Police say they later learned Reading City Police were also conducting their own investigation after receiving a report from another alleged victim at Spring Valley Church. The combined efforts of both police departments led them to identify the suspect as Aron Andonie, a member of the Pastoral Staff at Spring Valley Church.
Andonie was arrested and charged with harassment and stalking.

If you’ve received harassing phone calls or text messages from the number “484-219-8526,” please call Berks County Detectives at 610-478-7171.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Florida Pastor arrested for punching female student several times

A local pastor, who is also an administrator of a local Christian Academy, was arrested yesterday after a student accused him of punching her several times in the leg for misbehaving and paddling her on two other occassions.
Pastor Willie Demps, 69, was arrested at S. L. Jones Christian Academy after an interview with deputies about the incidents.
Demps was accused of Child Abuse after a student told her grandparent that she had been paddled by Demps last week for misconduct. The student then came home limping and told her Grandparent that Demps had punched her thigh several times after an altercation on the bus with another student.
Deputies contacted Demps at the school where he provided deputies with astatement.
After all parties were interviewed and observing the physical evidence,Demps was placed under arrest for three counts of Child Abuse and placed under a $3,000.00 bond.
The childs injuries were not life threatening.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christian theologians call for editing of anti-semetic content in the New Testament

But wait, Christians haven't changed the Bible one bit?
Last year I posted an article where Christian scholars called for the bible to be more 'gender neutral'.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Indiana Pastor arrested for repeatedly molesting young girl

FORT WAYNE, Ind. ( - Fort Wayne pastor arrested on charges of repeatedly molesting a foster child in his care.

The Journal Gazette reports, 50 year old James M. Burton was booked into the Allen County Jail on four counts of felony child molesting on Wednesday. Burton has been serving as pastor of Greater Faith Baptist Church, according to the church's Facebook page.

Burton is accused of inappropriately touching a girl younger than 14. The alleged crime was reported by the child at her school. The girl told investigators the molestations began when she was six or seven years old.

She and her sister had reportedly been living at Burton's home for two years, but were recently removed.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Texas Pastor who was arrested for domestic assault against a woman gets standing ovation from his congregation

TEXAS CITY — Calling the incident that led to his arrest on domestic assault and felony drug charges “a stupid decision,” Baypoint Community Church pastor the Rev. Bobby Gass stood before his congregation Sunday and announced he would step down from the pulpit and church leadership. He said he hoped the move would be temporary.

Gass, 60, Baypoint’s founder and lead pastor, was arrested Wednesday after police received a call that a man shoved a woman out of a vehicle.

Police allege they found Gass to be in possession of cocaine when they questioned him.
Gass did not address the specifics of the incident with his congregation during two morning services. After the first service, he told The Daily News that police reports of the incident “were not as they would seem.”

He denied hitting the woman riding in his car or trying to push her out of the vehicle. He also said the bag of cocaine had been found in the church parking lot. He said he had kept it for a meeting during which church leaders were to discuss how it came to be on church property.

Gass’ appearances at the church services were brief. Associate Pastor Terry Ray delivered the sermons.

Wearing blue jeans and a short-sleeved red shirt, Gass spoke in a strained voice. Ray and another pastor stood by his side and at times put their arms around him.

During the second service, the woman Gass is accused of abusing joined him on stage. The Daily News’ policy is not to identify potential victims of domestic violence unless they agree to be identified.

Gass said Ray and another associate pastor, along with elders, would run the day-to-day operations of the church and the worship services.

Gass said he would attend services but would not be involved in church management or the handling of finances while he worked “to get this over.”

Reading from the Book of Timothy, Gass noted that the Bible calls for church leaders to “be above reproach,” and that given his arrest and criminal charges, he had to step away.

Gass had plenty of supporters at the church.

When he told the congregation he loved them, a woman from the audience shouted out, “We love you, too.”

Most of the 60 people who attended the first service Sunday gave Gass standing ovation after his address.

After the first service several people joined Gass in the back of the worship center, and many hugged him and offered their support.

Ray did not directly address Gass’ situation.

But in a reference to overall issues, including an effort to sell the church’s worship center, Ray said “we are at a point to make right decisions,” and that what action they took would reflect how the church handled adversity.

Ray also admonished church members to avoid “gossip” and “harsh words.”

None of the church members The Daily News attempted to interview would comment on Gass’ status or what consequences his situation would have on the church.

Before the criminal charges, Gass said the church was struggling.

Since 2008, attendance has dropped from 1,000 to less than 300, Gass said.

A 2011 divorce also had caused some members, including some of the church’s biggest donors, to leave, he said.