Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Swaziland Pastor arrested for raping his own daughters

The Jericho pastor who allegedly sexually abused all his four daughters in the process infecting them with HIV and AIDS has since been arrested and charged with rape.
He was arrested on Monday while at his work place.
His arrest came after this publication carried an article about his evil deeds over the past weekend officials from the deputy prime minister’s (DPM) office had visited the family and gathered all the information that led to his arrest.
Highly placed sources also revealed that he confessed to the police that he sexually abused his daughters such that two of them have his children.
“This is disgusting and it is very bad when family members treat such as a secret,” said one of the DPM officers. The rouge’s daughters were afraid to report the abuse because their father threatened to kill them if they did.
However, they said they told their mother everything with the hope that she would report to the police but she dismissed their story as untrue and ordered them to stop spreading such a ‘lie’ about her husband. Health motivators from the area are said to be aware of the matter but, were afraid to discuss it because the man might attack them.
The daughters confirmed that their father infected them with HIV while unconfirmed reports are that one of the younger daughters lost her womb when she was young as s result of the abuse. The girls said their father started abusing them when they were still very young and at primary school.

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