Monday, October 8, 2012

Calgary Parents arrested for murdering six year old girl

Calgary is 67% Christian.

A Calgary couple has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of the man’s young daughter last November.

Spencer Jordan, 26, was arrested Sunday evening in a hotel room in south Calgary, while Marie Magoon, 22, was arrested in the downtown core, said Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus with the homicide unit.
Police were called to the couple’s home the evening of last Nov. 13 in the 6700 block of Temple Drive N.E. responding to reports of an injured girl.

Meika Dawn Jordan, 6, was taken to hospital and died the next day.
An autopsy completed on Nov. 16 determined she had died as a result of multiple blunt force trauma and the death was deemed a homicide.

At first, police were told Meika had fallen down stairs. But they later determined the blunt force injuries to her head and abdomen were not consistent with a fall down a flight of stairs.
Investigators also revealed Meika had also sustained a severe third-degree burn to her hand and palm, and some other undetermined injuries, prior to her death.
They have not revealed how the girl was hurt.

Police said the father and stepmother were the only ones who had “exclusive opportunity” to the little girl at the time of her injuries, and were considered suspects early on the investigation.
There were other children in Jordan’s and Magoon’s relationship, and they have been placed in “a safe environment,” Andrus said.

Investigators have spoken to Meika’s biological mother, who is “relieved” that the investigation has come to an end, he added.

Jordan and Magoon remain in police custody and are due to appear in court Tuesday.

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