Monday, October 29, 2012

Indiana Pastor arrested for sexually assaulting a mentally challenged 14 year old girl

WARSAW, Ind. (AP) — A northern Indiana pastor has been arrested on a charge of sexual battery and two counts of sexual misconduct with a 14-year-old girl police say has significant mental and physical handicaps.
Warsaw police say 77-year-old Robert Haywood, the pastor at Harvest Time Ministries Church, was arrested Friday. Police say Haywood is accused of inappropriately sexually touching the girl in the church basement on one occasion and of having sex with her on another.
WSBT-TV reports ( ) Haywood's daughter says he is innocent and his attorney advised the family not to comment.
Haywood was released from the Kosciusko (Koz-ee-ah-skoh) County Jail on $10,000 bond. No court date was set.
According to court documents, the girl's guardian reported the incidents after Haywood's wife discovered a voicemail from the girl

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ohio Pastor arrested for sexually assaulting teen girl

The article doesn't mention the gender, but I'm gonna take a guess on this, and I'm pretty sure it's correct. I've recorded well over 400 rapes, assaults, murders etc of girls and women.

UPDATE: It turns out an article that was just recently published confirms the victim is a girl:

GALLIPOLIS, Ohio -- Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced the arrest of a Gallia County pastor accused of sexually assaulting a teenager.

David Young was arrested by agents with the Crimes Against Children Unit, which is part of the Attorney General's Bureau of Criminal Investigation, assisted deputies from the Gallia County Sheriff's Office Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators took Young into custody at the Simpson Chapel United Methodist Church in Rio Grande, Ohio, where he is the pastor.

Young is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager between the ages of 13 and 14 who was part of a class he taught through the church.

"These allegations are extremely distressing because Ohioans should be able to trust people in positions of authority," said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. "We will go to all lengths necessary to hold those who commit crimes against children accountable."

Those with the office of Gallia County Prosecutor Jeff Adkins officially filed the felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor against the suspect Wednesday afternoon.

The case will proceed to a grand jury for further review.

Authorities are not commenting on the frequency of the alleged abuse or the locations where the incidents may have taken place. Investigators, however, are warning the community that there could be other victims.

"These are very serious allegations, and we urge anyone with additional information to come forward," said Gallia County Sheriff Joseph Browning. "We are thankful to the Attorney General and the agents with Bureau of Criminal Investigation who quickly took action to help us investigate these allegations of abuse."

Young is currently in the Gallia County Jail.

Anyone with additional information regarding David Young can contact the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 855-BCI-OHIO or the Gallia County Sheriff's Office at 740-446-1221.

Arab church official arrested for molesting thirteen year old girl

Now the article does not mention the gender, but a commenter on the bottom of the article who's defending this man blames the girl for her activities.

A Woodstock man remains behind bars after he was arrested on charges he molested a 13-year-old child.

Shogut Hussien, 64, is being held without bond at the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center on one count of child molestation and two counts of sexual battery.

He was arrested on Tuesday after a week-long investigation by the Cherokee Sheriff's Office. Public Information Officer Lt. Jay Baker said the incident was reported to the department by the child's family.

Baker said Hussien transported the child to activities at First Baptist Church of Woodstock.
"He has been involved with the family for approximately 4 months," he said, adding "indications are that this occurred on one occasion."

Baker said there are no reports of other victims at this time.

Hussien has not been arrested or charged with similar crimes, but a search of court records show he's been arrested for driving under the influence in 2008 and 2010.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper concerned about violence against women in the Congo

Now how come no right wing site is covering this? OH I KNOW. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is 95% CHRISTIAN.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canada is "particularly concerned" about violence against women being committed in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) at a summit of Francophone countries being held in Africa.

"We are here, not to excuse the things that are happening, but to spotlight them," Harper said in a speech Saturday at the start of the two-day confence in Kinshasa

Harper said his government was examining many human rights issues in the DRC, but mentioned violence against women in particular.

"Canada will be supporting additional initiatives to combat the barbarous acts of sexual violence against women that are occuring in the [eastern] part of the DRC."

A rebel movement, made up of former soldiers and calling itself M23, is terrorizing the eastern part of the DRC. It is accused recruiting by force and mass rape. M23 is being led by renegade Gen. Bosco Ntaganda, who is wanted for war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Los Angeles Area Pastor arrested for sexually assaulting 18 year old girl

A Fullerton pastor has been charged with sexual battery against a female member of his congregation.
Pastor Joseph Angel Olvera of Lifeline Ministries, 54, is accused of inappropriately touching an 18-year-old female on Aug. 22. The teenager was living at the church as part of an outreach at-risk youth program.

According to authorities, Olvera allegedly fondled her while she was in bed, reaching under her shirt and fondling her breasts.

The suspect is also said to have slapped the victim's buttocks while passing each other in the church's hallway three days later on Aug. 25.

Olvera has been charged with two misdemeanor counts of touching an intimate part of another person.

He posted $10,000 bail and is now free from custody.

Anyone who knows of additional pertinent incidents or other possible victims is urged to call Fullerton Police Department Detective Ron Bair at (714) 738-6762.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Swaziland Pastor arrested for raping his own daughters

The Jericho pastor who allegedly sexually abused all his four daughters in the process infecting them with HIV and AIDS has since been arrested and charged with rape.
He was arrested on Monday while at his work place.
His arrest came after this publication carried an article about his evil deeds over the past weekend officials from the deputy prime minister’s (DPM) office had visited the family and gathered all the information that led to his arrest.
Highly placed sources also revealed that he confessed to the police that he sexually abused his daughters such that two of them have his children.
“This is disgusting and it is very bad when family members treat such as a secret,” said one of the DPM officers. The rouge’s daughters were afraid to report the abuse because their father threatened to kill them if they did.
However, they said they told their mother everything with the hope that she would report to the police but she dismissed their story as untrue and ordered them to stop spreading such a ‘lie’ about her husband. Health motivators from the area are said to be aware of the matter but, were afraid to discuss it because the man might attack them.
The daughters confirmed that their father infected them with HIV while unconfirmed reports are that one of the younger daughters lost her womb when she was young as s result of the abuse. The girls said their father started abusing them when they were still very young and at primary school.

Monday, October 8, 2012

British Pastor arrested for abusing his wife

UXBRIDGE — A pastor's wife has won a year-long restraining order against her husband after claiming her husband abused her and had welcomed young women into her home for sex.

In an Uxbridge District Court hearing yesterday, in an affidavit filed by Beth Stanley, she accused her husband, Dennis H. Stanley, of making her sleep downstairs while he was with the female guests. A judge initially granted a temporary restraining order Monday but extended it Friday after hearing from Mrs. Stanley. The pastor of the non-denominational Church of the End Times was arrested after a standoff with police Monday.

In the affidavit Mrs. Stanley filed on Monday for the restraining order she said: “My husband invited ten girls to live in our house for the last week or more. He now sleeps upstairs with them in bed. My husband believes this is the love he needs and can get from them. … My husband and his girlfriends have locked me out of our house!”

Mrs. Stanley, who said she and her husband have been married for 10 years, and together for 22 years, were high school sweethearts. She has filed for divorce. The couple has three children ages 7, 10 and 13.

Dennis Stanley, reached by phone yesterday, said, “She's (my wife) obviously trying to make me look like a moron.”

He said the groups of young women were just a gathering after church.

“There's nothing sexual or whatever the accusations might be. It's just friendships. Just friends.”

Dennis Stanley said that the women were invited to stay at the house because, “I own the house and I let whoever I want stay there.”

Dennis and his brother David H. Stanley, both of Uxbridge, were in Uxbridge District Court Friday morning on charges stemming from a one-hour standoff with police Monday night regarding an alleged violation of a restraining order.

Police tried to serve a restraining order to Dennis Stanley Monday night, but he refused to take the court document. Police said he and his brother David allegedly locked themselves in the house. David later left through a rear door and Dennis remained inside. Police said people began arriving and gathered around David.

“David was yelling comments about not bowing to men, banishing the demons, in the power of Jesus Christ, not believe in the law of man, and that he did not recognize our authority,” police wrote in their report of the incident.

Police from several area towns converged on the home during the standoff.

Dennis Stanley was later handcuffed, arrested and charged with violating an abuse prevention order and resisting arrest. His brother, David, was also charged with violating an abuse prevention order, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.

Then on Tuesday, police escorted Mrs. Stanley to the home to regain custody of the house and to remove, for trespassing, up to 10 other people who were living at the house. Police could see several young women dancing in the kitchen, police said. They reportedly laughed at the officer's requests to be let them in and turned up the music louder.

One of the women screamed at police, “You don't have a right to be here” and “You are not my master.” She also scratched a police officer. Police cleared the house and issued trespass notices to seven young women ages 16 to 19.

The Stanley brothers, who own Driveways Corp. paving company, founded the Church of the End Times in 2006 and serve as pastors of the Christian church. Their videos on YouTube show “Pastor David” conducting exorcisms.

After yesterday's court appearance, Mrs. Stanley said, “He's listening to his brother (David). He wants to live the life of 10 women, being a rock star.”

She added, “He made it like a control issue,” referring to the allegation that her husband was having sex with the young women.

“Then he talked to God and God told him we're not to be together. It's all lies. It ruined my marriage.”

As for her brother-in-law, Mrs. Stanley said David thinks he's the Archangel Michael and that Dennis thinks he's a new “half-breed” angel.

Even the Stanley brothers' mother is critical of the how the church has evolved recently. Andrea Gault of Rutland, mother of the brothers, said they came from a decent, normal family.

The Church of the End Times was originally “just grace and Jesus,” she said. But since two or three years ago, “The church right now is not a church. It's just a crazy, crazy place,” Ms. Gault said.

“The only thing I can think of (that caused the change) is maybe steroids,” she said. The sons worked out a lot and Ms. Gault said she believed they took the muscle-enhancing drugs.

David Stanley, who was charged with disturbing the peace along with resisting arrest and violating an abuse prevention order, said he did not cause a standoff with police, but was simply praying. When asked by a reporter if the Church of the End Times was a cult, he denied it.

“What I've got going is the word of God,” he said.

David Stanley's case was continued until Oct. 16.

Meanwhile, neighbors on Murphy's Way, a cul-de-sac of half-million-dollar homes in South Uxbridge, have said David and Dennis Stanley have terrorized the neighborhood for years and that in the last few years it's gotten more “bizarre.”

“It's awful. We can't stand having them as neighbors. They'll do anything they feel like doing,” said Susan Dalpe, who lives across the street from both of the Stanleys' houses.

Mrs. Dalpe said the Stanleys shoot off big fireworks in the summer and ride around the neighborhood and retention pond with all-terrain vehicles, often with young children who are not wearing protective gear or helmets.

Mrs. Dalpe, who is retired, said she and her husband can't enjoy the garden they spend much time tending because, in addition to the recreational vehicles tearing around the neighborhood, there's a stream of cars — many with young women — coming to David or Dennis Stanley's house.

“I'll point blank say — it's a cult,” Mrs. Dalpe said about the Church of the End Times.

“There's really never any real message. When they're … sort of praying, they'll use these vulgarities.”

Mrs. Dalpe said the police cruise by or are called to the neighborhood at least three times a week.

“I do call the police often, because I'm not letting up,” she said.

Calls to police for comment were not returned.

After police arrested Dennis and David Monday night, Mrs. Dalpe said the group of church followers that had gathered outside Dennis Stanley's house had an exorcism right there outside.

“This girl was arching her back… and shaking,” Mrs. Dalpe said. “She did that for at least 10 to 15 minutes. And then they all laughed. They thought it was great.”

Mrs. Dalpe said she feared the Stanley brothers because she was never sure what they would do and she was afraid their property would be robbed.

She said Courtney Bish, 20, one of the women recently arrested for breaking and entering and burglary in Sutton Sept. 10, is the daughter of Vernon Bish, who is considered “number three” in The Church of the End Times, after David Stanley, number one, and Dennis Stanley, number two.

Two women recently arrested with stolen jewelry, cellphones and prescription drugs and whom police tied to at least eight to 10 burglaries in the area listed their address as the Church of the End Times/Driveway Corp. Ms. Bish and another woman reported they lived at the 19 Industrial Drive address.

A Driveways Corp. car parked on Murphy's Way had “I am #4” written in script on the side door.

Calgary Parents arrested for murdering six year old girl

Calgary is 67% Christian.

A Calgary couple has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the death of the man’s young daughter last November.

Spencer Jordan, 26, was arrested Sunday evening in a hotel room in south Calgary, while Marie Magoon, 22, was arrested in the downtown core, said Staff Sgt. Doug Andrus with the homicide unit.
Police were called to the couple’s home the evening of last Nov. 13 in the 6700 block of Temple Drive N.E. responding to reports of an injured girl.

Meika Dawn Jordan, 6, was taken to hospital and died the next day.
An autopsy completed on Nov. 16 determined she had died as a result of multiple blunt force trauma and the death was deemed a homicide.

At first, police were told Meika had fallen down stairs. But they later determined the blunt force injuries to her head and abdomen were not consistent with a fall down a flight of stairs.
Investigators also revealed Meika had also sustained a severe third-degree burn to her hand and palm, and some other undetermined injuries, prior to her death.
They have not revealed how the girl was hurt.

Police said the father and stepmother were the only ones who had “exclusive opportunity” to the little girl at the time of her injuries, and were considered suspects early on the investigation.
There were other children in Jordan’s and Magoon’s relationship, and they have been placed in “a safe environment,” Andrus said.

Investigators have spoken to Meika’s biological mother, who is “relieved” that the investigation has come to an end, he added.

Jordan and Magoon remain in police custody and are due to appear in court Tuesday.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Christian man in Ghana kills his pregnant wife

KOFI GYASI aka ‘Taller’ has been arrested by the police in connection with the brutal murder of his seven-month-old pregnant girlfriend Akosua Mansah, 32, which occurred at Pakyi Number One about two months ago.

Taller reportedly rushed to his church recently and informed the pastor that he was responsible for the killing of Mansah, asking the pastor to pray for him so that the nightmares he was having would stop.
Alarmed by Taller’s confession, the pastor, whose name was not immediately known, reportedly informed his church members who called the police to arrest the suspect.

The deceased, a resident of Nkwanta in the Ashanti Region, was found dead in an uncompleted building at Pakyi Number One on Saturday, July 21, 2012. Mansah’s throat had been slashed when her dead body was found by some workers working on the uncompleted building.

Taller reportedly started having nightmares after committing the heinous crime, forcing him to rush to the church for refuge, Samson K. Nyamekye of Hello FM disclosed to the paper.

The suspect, who could not sleep after allegedly committing the crime, reportedly told his pastor that he killed his pregnant girlfriend but he did not state what influenced him to do that.

Taller then asked that the church members pray for him so that the nightmare he was having, which started immediately he killed Mansah, would stop for him to enjoy life.

Mr. Nyamekeye, who had been following the case for the past two months, told DAILY GUIDE that the church members were shocked at Taller’s confession so they called the police to the church premises to arrest him.

The paper gathered that the police had since ferried the suspect to the Homicide Unit in Accra where he was being investigated.