Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tennessee man arrested for punching his girlfriend in the face over a Mitt Romney photo

Must have been a moderate.

Tennessee is without a doubt the most conservative state in the Bible belt. It's 82% Christian and hosts a number of large Christian events. It's also expected in the Bible that women silently obey their masters (what the Bible literally calls husbands). This has Christianity written all over it.

"Police in Tennessee said a man charged with domestic assault was upset about a picture of an unknown man on his girlfriend`s Facebook -- a photo of Mitt Romney."

Lowell Turpin, 40, who looks like he has been hit upside the head with a laptop, was seething with anger when he saw a photograph of Mitt Romney on his girlfriend`s Facebook page.
Turpin was unconvinced when his old lady explained that Romney was the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, and not a love interest. I don`t blame Turpin, Romney looks like a freakin` mortician.

Turpin doesn`t know Romney from Joe Blow, but he knows that a punch to the face hurts quite a bit, so he promptly punched his woman in the face and smashed her laptop against the wall.
I hope that Turpin knocked some sense into his lover, and that she will vote for Obama. But she`d better not put up a pic of the president on her Facebook page, redneck Turpin will probably kill her if he sees a pic of some black dude from Kenya on her Facebook page.

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