Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pastor arrested for raping young girl

THE Kabushi Local Court has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of a pastor who impregnated a girl he was praying for and ran away.
The pastor had sex with the girl under the guise of exorcising a curse upon her life, known as ‘ ichishilu’ in Bemba, which is believed to cause bad luck in relationships and hinders victims from marrying.
A bench warrant was initially issued last year but was only enforced last week when the Pastor, went back to Ndola thinking the case was closed.
This came to light in a case where Marjory Chungu sued Pastor Aaron Moyo for pregnancy maintenance. However, Chungu has since given birth.
Facts before the court were that on unknown dates but between June 1 and 10, 2010, Chungu approached Moyo for prayers.
She said Moyo told her that she was living under a curse locally known as ‘ichishilu’ and they needed to go to the mountains for prayers.
Chungu said two days later, they went to the mountain where Moyo told her that before praying, he was supposed to have sex with her in order to remove the curse.
“When I discovered that I was pregnant, Moyo asked me to do an abortion because it (the case) was a disgrace to society and his church,” she said.
Chungu said when she refused to terminate the pregnancy, Moyo ran away and went to Lusaka without informing his family about the matter.
However, Chungu reported the matter to the court recently when the pastor was spotted in Ndola.
The court messengers confirmed the arrest of Moyo ,who at press time was in police custody at Masala Police Station.
Senior local court presiding magistrate Agnes Mulenga, sitting with senior local court magistrates Celestine Muchimba and Paul Kayula, advised Chungu to sue Moyo for child maintenance since she has already given birth.


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