Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Executive director of the Voice of the Martyrs, a major Christian rights group, arrested for molesting ten year old girl

Voice of the Martyrs (VOM) is an organization that exists to help “persecuted” Christians who go to countries where proselytizing is both unsolicited and unwelcome.

Tom White was the executive director of VOM, having worked for the group for some 20 years, until April 17, 2012, when he was reported missing. Cops pinged his cell phone to find him, and did, Wednesday morning, inside a warehouse at VOM’s HQ in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, where he reportedly left a suicide note in his car.

Why would a devout Christian, in a position of great authority in an organization in which he truly believed, commit The Ultimate Sin, abandoning his wife, his children, and his grandchildren in order to enter the Seventh Circle of Hell?

Only Mr. White knows (er, knew) for sure, but one thing is clear: At the time of his death, he was under investigation for child molestation, accused of sexually abusing a ten-year-old girl.

There’s not much more to tell, other than the details in the links below. Do notice, however, two things: 1) the most fundy Christian and other hardline, right-wing sites soft-peddle the suicide angle, saying that White “passed away” (with the exception of Christianity Today, which isn’t as hardline as some), while the wildly right-wing-fundy Christian Post completely omits any mention of suicide and/or the abuse investigation (but then, CP bids adieu to Watergate felon and rabid homophobe Chuck Colson with “Goodbye, Friend and Hero,” so what do you expect?); and 2) VOM’s statement on the situation is quick to note: “None of those in leadership at VOM, including our Board of Directors, were [sic] aware of these allegations at the time of Tom’s death.” (Why deny something before anybody accuses you of it?)


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