Thursday, July 19, 2012

Christian billionaire arrested over wife's death

The reclusive billionaire, 49, was arrested after the body of his wife, Eva, 48, was discovered at their luxury home in Cadogan Place, Chelsea. The cause of her death has not yet been established.
Mr Rausing was held on suspicion of murder but was moved to a "medical facility" for treatment for alcohol withdrawal.
He is expected to appear at West London magistrates’ court today on a charge of preventing a burial, which carries a maximum sentence of unlimited imprisonment.
He has been held by police since he was stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on July 9.
Mrs Rausing’s body was discovered in a subsequent search of their home. It was thought she may have been dead for several days.

Earlier yesterday her father paid an emotional tribute to the couple in which he said the family loved Mr Rausing "with all our hearts".
Tom Kemeny, 71, a retired Pepsi-Cola executive from South Carolina, said: "We shall always remember Eva as a beautiful, generous and fun daughter, wife, mother, sister and aunt. Eva and Hans Kristian adored each other and their four beautiful children.
"When not in London they would have family holidays with their cousins and extended family, without any glitz or glamour. Eva and Hans Kristian were a devoted and loving couple for the 21 years they spent together.
"They bravely battled their demons and supported each other, and Eva will be a devastating loss to our beloved ‘son’, Hans Kristian, whom we love unconditionally with all our hearts."
The couple met at a drugs clinic but Mrs Rausing’s family said the pair had been clear of drugs for the first 12 years of their marriage.

However, they relapsed and were again plagued with an addiction to crack cocaine, while neighbours claimed they had lived in just two squalid rooms of their £70  million home before Mrs Rausing’s death.

Giving further details of her life, Mr Kemeny described his daughter as "immensely bright" but very shy. "We think she started experimenting with drugs in her late teens to overcome her shyness," he said.

After attending drug rehabilitation centres she finally recovered in the late 1980s and began trying to help others.

She married Mr Rausing at the Swedish Church in London on Oct 16, 1992.
Mrs Rausing went on to work for various drug charities. Ten years ago she and her husband established a rehabilitation centre in Barbados that has treated more than 2,000 local people.
Mr Kemeny said: "Eva and Hans Kristian ‘saved’ thousands of lives — tragically not her own. This is a stark reminder that the illness of addiction knows no social class or gender."

He described how his daughter had been receiving drug treatment in California shortly before she died, but her main concern had been to get her husband out from London to join the programme.
"Even in the depths of her despair she always worried more about the happiness and well-being of others," he said.

"At the time of her death her overriding concern was for the safety of her beloved husband, for whom she interrupted her own treatment to return to London in an attempt to take him back with her to California, but tragically to no avail."

Mr Kemeny said he hoped his daughter’s death would generate awareness and financial support to fight the "tragedy of drug addiction".

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