Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Israeli school suspends female exam obsevers because they were not married

This article is in Hebrew but Google translated it for me. So don't mind some of the grammer.
And unless someone corrects me, I can't find a single article on this OUTSIDE the Hebrew only newspapers, like this one.

Three minders, assigned yesterday to examine the GEMS math in elementary school ultra-Orthodox city of Beitar Illit, were not allowed to go to class on the grounds that are not dressed modestly enough. Ministry of Education backed the institution and authorized management to unusually reserved school students will watch the external test. - bill : shall be allowed in civil trials - Petition to: allow single women to the mikveh - religious extremism in schools in Tel Aviv

Noam Boone and Karen are members of the house Levitan, secular young girls 23 who had served in an education officer. Every week they are embedded to another school where they can perceive the Matriculation Examination, or GEMS, in both cases national examinations that require external supervision. when he learned them they must go to an Orthodox school for girls in Beitar Illit, they decided that out of respect for the nature of the local population did not wear the clothes usual, but wear a long dress that covers their legs and a long shirt that covers his hands. But for the school board that was not enough. for school entry minders grades must be accompanied by very modest, like socks up over your knees and clothing less colorful. But more than anything interfered with the administration the fact that the two unmarried daughters 23. Three of the four minders felt unwanted from the start, and soon were informed that will not take classes. they had to wait outside the gate of the institution until the end of the exam. attendant Fourth, religious, married with a kerchief on her head, was allowed to watch the students.

I was very careful about my dress," says Noam Bonn. "Even I wore panty hose atom, carrying a handkerchief in case they seek cover your head. But chose to treat us like aliens. We respected the other, but they would respect us. Their looks, not words, made us feel unwanted. How this happens at schools should teach you about mutual respect, the difference from you

Boone adds, "the attendant religious thought that we are religious because of the dress and asked us what Ulpana we are." See girls of 23 are not married was enough for them to not let us in class, because a single girl that age is a bad example. " friend of Boone, Karen Levitan , says: "It was very unpleasant event. We knew we were going to religious school and we decided to come with a skirt that covers the whole leg and shirts

Closed out of respect. We waited 20 minutes while affecting our teachers unpleasant stares, until it was one of my teachers at school and said they wanted to send overseers to be dressed differently and we do not go to class. " The Education Ministry said in response: "minders arrived educational institution dress does not fit the character of the institution. Subject was dealt with by the National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation, and exam took place as planned".


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