Thursday, May 3, 2012

Toronto Pastor arrested for drowning his wife

Toronto police have arrested a man in connection with the drowning death of his 30-year-old pregnant wife who died more than six months ago.

Police say they were called to a Marsh Road residence on Oct. 17, 2011, regarding a woman in medical distress.

Anna Karissa Grandine was pronounced dead in hospital. Police say that she died of drowning.
On Tuesday, police arrested 25-year-old Philip Grandine and subsequently charged him with first-degree murder.

Philip Grandine is a pastor at Ennerdale Baptist Church.


Anonymous said...

philip WAS a pastor.... and its highly possible hes falsely accused!

Anonymous said...

Philip WAS a pastor and there is a HIGH chance that he was falsely charged.... you cannot use legal cases as reasons why christianity is wrong. AND if you really knew your research you would know why they are called christians and why they exist today..... its not just a cult or a seperate people or a title, its just a 'nickname' for people who believe in christ... that he came and died again.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Philip Grandine has been accused of murder. This has not been proven in any way so please don't get excited and use this to your advantage. Your blog is a complete rant based on many biasis and strange interpretations. You say that Christianity supports that children be killed for disobeying their parents and you used Matthew 15:4 as support. Please read this again as it says no such thing!
As believers in God we must be very careful not to fight against one another. We are all brothers and sisters living in a world run by sin and the wicked one. Please do not fall into his trap and fight your brother! Instead why not try joining forces with those who love God and His word. Jesus preached peace and forgiveness. I erge you to forgive those who have wronged you and put your energy into love rather than hate. Continue your research but please use it to bring us all closer and more united so we can focus on changing the world for the better! We are all Gods children and He wants nne of us to perish!

Anonymous said...

This doesn't make any sense. If you read the articles at all you would know that this has nothing to do with honour killing

Ali said...

Aright I suggest you all shut the hell up and read my side bar. It explains why all these articles are up.

Anonymous said...

WOW...Seriously man get your facts straight...He is NOT...I repeat NOT there anymore...If you can't get a fact like that straight then it goes to show that the rest of your facts are worng...Take down you're hack site...You're insighting hate...What a waste

Anonymous said...

Whoever anonymous is, thank you for your posts. I cannot believe an article about my Christian family is being used in this context. Christianity is the RIGHT path. This man is not even convicted of anything, so what are you proving exactly?
Many Christians in the bible were falsely imprisoned. Jesus himself was crucified having done no wrong...ever..
This man is innocent. Whether you choose to believe that is up to you, but he is for sure innocent until proven guilty.

Gigi said...

Actually both Christianity and Islam are the wrong path.
I think it's laughable Ali that you're trying to say that Christianity is MORE violent than Islam. It was...several hundred years ago but you guys are catching up with them real quick. ISIS is not peaceful.