Sunday, May 27, 2012

Apparently the English Defence League sucks at Math

A common trend I see is that these idiots exagerate as much as possible. See here how Pamela Geller screwed up basic math, twice:

Now lets see what the EDL came up with:
REDDITCH residents put on a show of unity and defiance as a march through the town from the EDL passed off peacefully.
More than 100 officers were drafted in from across the West Mercia force area as well as Warwickshire, West Midlands and British Transport Police to help control the event and tensions were high throuhgout the day as a large counter demonstration, made up of residents from all sections of Redditch’s community and members of United Against Facism, attemped to get near to the main EDL rally.
Between 100 and 150 members of the EDL from across the region turned out for Saturday’s rally which saw speeches made from the bandstand although police officially estimate the figure at about 40.

Nuff said.

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