Sunday, April 8, 2012

Report: Two thirds of Ukrainians support honor based violence

That girl who was raped and burned, has reports showing the majority of Ukrainians say she's at fault for her own death.

Makar was a pretty girl. According to the video testimony of the man who did the actual strangling (his police statement was leaked to the press and posted on YouTube), she accompanied her assailants to their apartment of her own free will – although the man's testimony is somewhat muddled as it would appear he raped her while she was alive, then choked her, then raped her again when he thought she was dead. While police sources have said that Makar knew one of the men, and thought she was safe hanging out with him and his friends, tabloid reports have painted her as slutty and irresponsible or, at the very least, not particularly saintly. (Has there ever been a rape victim out there that was saintly enough? Just asking.)

According to a poll by 24 TV, roughly two-thirds of the Ukrainian population think that Makar "has some blame to bear for this tragedy". As frankensstein, a popular blogger in eastern Ukraine put it, "her lifestyle lead to a logical conclusion" – and that is one of the gentler things her critics have said about her. Her horrible fate, her mutilated body, her defiant suffering, and her lower-class background reveal a lot about Ukrainian society. The truth is, there are many Oksanas out there. In Ukraine, stories of violence against women abound. Most victims obediently go to their grave right away and if the perpetrators' families have money and/or connections, there is little hope of justice. Legal nihilism is rampant.

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