Saturday, April 7, 2012

Church member arrested for luring teen girl

So it turns out this was a woman who tried to lure this girl, which is kind of refreshing that its not a man or Pastor, but it doesn't change the fact that women in Christianity go through this.

An east Alabama woman is accused of sodomizing a 14-year old girl.

Investigators say 31-year old Jamie Duffey met the girl at church. Pastor Tommy Marshall of Tabernacle Church hopes there aren't more young victims.

Gadsden Police say Duffey had a sexual relationship with the teenager.

Pastor Marshall said, "She's a very disturbed person. To do what she did was wrong in every way."

Police say Duffey befriended the teen after seeing her at youth events at the church. The two also saw each other at a slumber party, not affiliated with the church.

Then in the women's restroom at the Premier Cinemas at the Gadsden Mall, that's where police say an act of sodomy took place.

After hearing about it through the church's youth pastor, Senior Pastor Marshall reported it to police.

Pastor Marshall said, "No one wants to hear of anything like this, see a young lady go through this kind of trauma. We're helping her every step of the way."

Marshall spoke about how Duffey was someone the church took in. And they were trying to minister to her.

Marshall said, "She'd been in and out of trouble. At the time she came here and was virtually homeless. People reached out to help her."

Pastor Marshall of course is upset and disturbed by what Duffey is accused of doing.

Now all he can do is pray for her.

Pastor Tommy Marshall says the suspect was actually escorted out of church on a Sunday morning and taken into custody by police for this alleged incident.

Duffey was charged with 2nd degree sodomy, and police want to know if there are anymore victims of the suspect out there.

You can call the Gadsden Police Department at 256-549-4613

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