Monday, April 30, 2012

South Carolina Pastor who sexually abused young girl for six years get jailed

A former Goose Creek pastor plead guilty Friday to sexually abusing a child over an eight year period.
James Doscher was sentenced to 26 years in prison for criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the 1st degree. He was also sentenced to 20 years and 15 years on related charges, but the sentencing will be served concurrently. Doscher will have to serve more than 22 years before he is eligible for release.
Assistant Solicitor Anne Williams of the Ninth Circuit Solicitor’s Special Victims Unit said the maximum sentence would have been 30 years because of the "Doscher was only subject to the sentencing ranges in law at the time of the offenses," said Assistant Solicitor Anne Williams. "Because the crimes occurred 10 years ago, the maximum time he could have been sentenced to on the most serious charge was up to 30 years."

Goose Creek Police arrested Doscher last September. He has been held at the Hill-Finklea Detention Center.

"Doscher previously was the pastor of New Life Church in Goose Creek," Williams said in a statement. "A witness for the defendant stated that Doscher presided more recently as a small group leader at Faith Assembly in Summerville."

The abuse reportedly began when the victim was 8 and continued until she was 14. She had told a family member when she was 12-year-old, but no action was taken, according to Williams. She came forward last year as an adult to report the crime out of fear that Doscher may abuse other children.

“This prosecution and the hefty sentence is a great message to victims who have not yet been heard," said Solicitor Scarlett Wilson. "While these cases often have evidentiary challenges, we are willing to work [with] victims and their families to fight for them. It is never too late to come forward."

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Haiti's rape victims find no justice, including young baby girls

Port-au-Prince, Haiti (CNN) -- Three days after a massive earthquake threw Haiti into chaos, Alvana was homeless, along with her two children.
But her nightmare was just beginning.

"I was gang-raped while I was sleeping in the middle of the street," she said. "And I got pregnant."
Alvana did not know her attackers. Depressed and unsure of what to do next, she was directed by a friend to a clinic run by KOFAVIV, a Creole acronym that translates into the Commission of Women Victims for Victims.
"By the time I got to them, my belly was already big," she said. "But they took care of me."
Alvana was given food, water, housing and prenatal care. She decided to keep her daughter, even though the psychological pain could be difficult -- and still is, two years later.
"It's terrible," said Alvana, 33. "I love my daughter ... (but) I look at myself and see that I have a child that is a product of a gang rape."

Her story is, unfortunately, all too common in Haiti, said Malya Villard-Appolon, one of KOFAVIV's co-founders.

"After (the earthquake), the situation was inhumane and degrading," Villard-Appolon said. "There was no security in the (displacement) camps. There was no food; there was no work. And now there is a rampant problem."

Accurate numbers are difficult, if not impossible, to find in the aftermath of such devastation, but KOFAVIV and other groups say they have seen a definite increase in rape cases after the January 2010 earthquake.

"Victims became more vulnerable due to a range of things," said Brian Concannon Jr., director of the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti. "They lost their houses; there were no locked doors anymore. People lost family members who were a source of protection."

Terrible living conditions, including a shortage of food and water, contribute to the problem as well, said Charity Tooze, a senior communications officer with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees' Washington office.

"The conditions are so dehumanizing," Tooze said. "Over months and months, it increases all forms of violence, including sexual violence."
There has also been a lack of prosecution in the country. In the first two years after the quake, not one person in Haiti has been convicted of rape, according to the UNHCR.
"The big problem is, you can't find justice," said Villard-Appolon, 52.
Even before the quake, she says, rape was an issue in Haiti, historically underreported because of social stigma, retaliation from perpetrators and a lack of legal support. That is what led her and Marie Eramithe Delva to start KOFAVIV in 2004. Since the group's inception, it has helped more than 4,000 rape survivors find safety, psychological support and/or legal aid.
"We tell people to come out of silence," she said. "Do not be afraid to say that you have been victimized."
Villard-Appolon knows what it's like to be a victim of sexual violence. She has been raped twice, and her husband died as a result of beatings he endured trying to save her from being raped. In 2010, her 14-year-old daughter was raped in a displacement camp.
"I can't describe to you how I felt when I heard about that, because I was a victim," she said. "I started asking myself what kind of generation I came from. Am I cursed?"
She escorted her daughter to two police stations and received no assistance, she said, just a lot of talk. One police officer told her that "girls are so promiscuous" and indicated that many young girls are asking for sex.
But she carries on, "fighting with hope that I know there will be a change," she said. Internationally, she has testified before the United Nations Human Rights Council, calling for increased security within the displacement camps and asking that women's groups be included in decision-making processes.
"I was a victim, and I did not find justice. But know I will get it for other women," she told CNN.
When the earthquake hit Haiti, KOFAVIV's founders watched their clinic and their offices collapse along with their homes.
Villard-Appolon lived in the dangerous Champ de Mars displacement camp for half a year. There, she said, she watched as conditions deteriorated.
"It was all kinds of people who ended up in one area," she said. "The jails were not destroyed, but their doors were opened, and all prisoners went free. Many of them ... were armed, and they were notorious murderers."
One criminal held Villard-Appolon at gunpoint, demanding money. The police never showed up, she said, but she managed to escape after a group of supporters arrived to fight.
Villard-Appolon said many single women had to leave their children with strangers in order to search for food, water or work. In some cases, the children were raped. The youngest victim, she says, was a 17-month-old.

"I spent six months witnessing it," she said. "Babies are not spared; adults are not spared; mothers are not spared; sisters are not spared."

Despite the escalating violence and the loss of its clinic, KOFAVIV regrouped to help victims in Haiti's "tent city" camps, where about 500,000 people still live today. The group has 66 female outreach agents and 25 male security guards who work within the camps, organizing nighttime community watch groups and providing whistles and flashlights to women. All of them have been affected by gender-based violence, whether personally or through a family member or loved one, Villard-Appolon said.

KOFAVIV also relies on more than 1,000 members to help share their stories, support the victims and urge them to come forward and fight for justice.
It usually starts by accompanying the victims to the hospital within 72 hours of being raped. Once they undergo a test, they receive the medical certificate they must have to begin legal proceedings.
"After that, we assign a lawyer to her," Villard-Appolon said. There is no cost to the victims, and they receive support from KOFAVIV through the trial.
Villard-Appolon says she is determined to keep fighting for a brighter future, even though justice has been elusive.

"My dream is that we will get to a place where we stop talking about the number of rape cases," she said. "We will stop talking about Haiti as a country where people are committing violence against others. One day, we have to be able to say that we have a country with people who respect each other."

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rape Crisis Center vetoed by Christian governor

Apparently, this guy founded a church as well:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Church members arrested for physically abusing mentally disabled woman

The adoptive mother of the 21-year-old, mentally handicapped woman helped sew costumes for church productions. The mother's husband was part of the church prison ministry team. Today, they remain in the Escambia County Jail, accused of torturing DeeAnn Hale's 21-year-old adopted daughter, who is said to have the mental capacity of a child. Rondal F. Hale, 59, was arrested along with his 53-year-old wife and their friend, Clinton M. Carr, 53, of Lillian, Ala., on Saturday on a charge of aggravated abuse of a disabled adult. The young woman was found handcuffed and bleeding in the backyard of her family's Bellview home. She was chained to a sandwich-style body billboard that was so heavy it had embedded chain marks on her neck, and she had a gash in the back of her head that had been crudely sewn together with a needle and thread, and apparent ligature marks on her neck. "What I've seen and read in the news has just broken my heart," said the Rev. Wesley Alvarez, 40, pastor of My Father's Vineyard, where the Hales were active members. "But we had no idea. None." The details of the abuse began to emerge Saturday afternoon and hung heavy over the congregation of about 250, including about 50 in an overflow room, at regular Sunday morning services at the church on Pensacola Boulevard. Early in the two-hour plus service, Alvarez talked briefly about the arrests, urging the congregation to pray for everyone involved. The woman remains hospitalized in stable condition. Three young boys, whom deputies say are DeeAnn Hale's grandchildren, were staying in the home and are now staying with other relatives. Alvarez also told his congregation not to gossip or discuss the case with others and to avoid speculation. "Two church members are arrested," he said. "I don't want to hear people talking about it in a form of gossip. That's not a Christian thing to do." After the service, Alvarez said Rondal Hale joined the church in 2008. He met and married DeeAnn Hale about two years ago. Alvarez said the whole family — including the young woman and DeeAnn Hale's grandsons — regularly attended. The church has earned a reputation for its various outreach programs — including ministering to the homeless and the addicted. The church welcomes all with little notice paid to typical church pageantry. Most in the crowd on Sunday wore jeans. Plenty wore shorts and T-shirts and leather motorcycle gear. Some wore ball caps. Alvarez preached in jeans from the pulpit. His sermon touched on a variety of subjects, including complete surrender to God and Alvarez's own escape from cocaine and heroin addiction. "Rondal was on our prison ministry team. DeeAnn was involved in our productions — she was our costume maker," Alvarez said after the service. "This has come as a very great shock to us." Alvarez said Carr had attended a few services. "He's been around for about a month or two," he said. "But he hasn't joined the church." The Hales seemed concerned about the woman's welfare, Alvarez said. "They have asked advice on what to do about her weight gain," he said. Alvarez and other church officials suggested the Hales get a Wii Fit computer workout game to help the woman exercise. "We thought that might make it fun," he said. "We were trying to come up with something entertaining." Law enforcement officials said the abuse case is one of the most brutal they have witnessed locally. Sheriff's spokesman Matt Baxter called it "animalistic." After responding to a Saturday morning 911 call to a home in the 2800 block of Christine Street, a deputy followed the sound of sobbing to the backyard. There, he found the young woman bound with pink faux-fur-covered handcuffs, bleeding from the mouth. She was weighed down with a plywood billboard that was chained to her neck. One side bore the misspelling "I am a liar and a theif." The other side read "I well not." She was being forced to walk around an above-ground pool. It was raining, and she was shivering. "Please help me," she cried to the deputy. The woman told the deputy she was being punished for taking candy from a collection that her mother had set aside to give to the homeless.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Indian Pastor arrested for forcefully converting fourteen girls

BANGALORE: Mahadevapura police on Thursday arrested a 31-year-old trainee pastor for allegedly trying to convert 23 children, including 14 girls, during a summer camp here. Victor Babu alias Victor, a native of Dharmavaram in Andhra Pradesh, was held following a complaint filed by a few parents. Police recovered prayer books, pamphlets and other material from him and registered a case under Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code. Police said Victor was imparting religious lessons to the 23 children in the Hebron prayer hall in Kundalahalli near Whitefield. According to complainants, Victor told them he would run a month-long free summer camp for their children. The camp opened three days ago. A mini-bus (KA 03 D 8949) would pick up children from Mahadevapura, Kundalahalli and surrounding areas every day. Victor said: "I taught them prayers and songs but that doesn't mean I was converting them." Parents claimed Victor offered education and other basic facilities to children if they (parents) accepted his conditions. But Victor didn't elaborate what his conditions were, they added. Section 295A Pertains to deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings or any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs and suggests imprisonment for three years, or fine, or both.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Christian school fires woman for getting pregnant out of wedlock

Monday, April 9, 2012

Prominent anti-Islamic Jew is also anti-women

Firstly this nut said all 48 rapes in oslo were done by Muslim, when in fact nome were:

Now he rants on women:

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Report: Two thirds of Ukrainians support honor based violence

That girl who was raped and burned, has reports showing the majority of Ukrainians say she's at fault for her own death.

Makar was a pretty girl. According to the video testimony of the man who did the actual strangling (his police statement was leaked to the press and posted on YouTube), she accompanied her assailants to their apartment of her own free will – although the man's testimony is somewhat muddled as it would appear he raped her while she was alive, then choked her, then raped her again when he thought she was dead. While police sources have said that Makar knew one of the men, and thought she was safe hanging out with him and his friends, tabloid reports have painted her as slutty and irresponsible or, at the very least, not particularly saintly. (Has there ever been a rape victim out there that was saintly enough? Just asking.)

According to a poll by 24 TV, roughly two-thirds of the Ukrainian population think that Makar "has some blame to bear for this tragedy". As frankensstein, a popular blogger in eastern Ukraine put it, "her lifestyle lead to a logical conclusion" – and that is one of the gentler things her critics have said about her. Her horrible fate, her mutilated body, her defiant suffering, and her lower-class background reveal a lot about Ukrainian society. The truth is, there are many Oksanas out there. In Ukraine, stories of violence against women abound. Most victims obediently go to their grave right away and if the perpetrators' families have money and/or connections, there is little hope of justice. Legal nihilism is rampant.

Ukrainian woman raped, stranlged and set on fire

Ukraine is 90.2% Christian and relations between the government and Christianity are very strong:

A Ukrainian teen who was gang-raped, dumped in a ditch and set on fire has died days after she posted a tragic online video revealing her ordeal.
Oksana Makar bravely told from her hospital bed how she was raped, strangled and burned by three men in a savage attack which stripped off 55 per cent of her skin.
Her harrowing hospital video, filmed by her mother, emerged after medics had been forced to amputate one of her arms and both her feet in a battle to keep her alive.

But after a two-week fight for life, health officials in Donetsk said Oksana, 18, died today of severe burns and damage to her lungs.
The rape attack on Oksana shocked Ukraine with its cruelty, and also caused nationwide protests against corruption after police initially released two of the suspects who had powerful connections in the region.

In the 1:19 minute video clip which emerged earlier this month, Oksana looks distraught as her mother, Tetyana Surovitska, urges her to describe her horrific ordeal by saying 'a couple of words to Ukraine'.
She starts to describe the attack, but then breaks off looking visibly upset and says she can’t.

The fire stripped off 55 per cent of her skin and surgeons had to amputate one of her arms and both her feet as they battled to keep her alive - her bandaged shoulder can be seen on her right side.

When questioned as to what punishment her attackers should receive after the March 9 attack, the teen replies their testicles should be cut off and fed to dogs.
Two of the suspects were Maxim Prisyjnikov, 23, the son of the regional administrator, and Artyon Pogosyan, 21, the son of the regional prosecutor, according to the Hurriyet Daily News.
When her mother asks her how she will survive, the blonde-headed young woman says: 'How I will live, I will live. That’s all.'

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Church member arrested for luring teen girl

So it turns out this was a woman who tried to lure this girl, which is kind of refreshing that its not a man or Pastor, but it doesn't change the fact that women in Christianity go through this.

An east Alabama woman is accused of sodomizing a 14-year old girl.

Investigators say 31-year old Jamie Duffey met the girl at church. Pastor Tommy Marshall of Tabernacle Church hopes there aren't more young victims.

Gadsden Police say Duffey had a sexual relationship with the teenager.

Pastor Marshall said, "She's a very disturbed person. To do what she did was wrong in every way."

Police say Duffey befriended the teen after seeing her at youth events at the church. The two also saw each other at a slumber party, not affiliated with the church.

Then in the women's restroom at the Premier Cinemas at the Gadsden Mall, that's where police say an act of sodomy took place.

After hearing about it through the church's youth pastor, Senior Pastor Marshall reported it to police.

Pastor Marshall said, "No one wants to hear of anything like this, see a young lady go through this kind of trauma. We're helping her every step of the way."

Marshall spoke about how Duffey was someone the church took in. And they were trying to minister to her.

Marshall said, "She'd been in and out of trouble. At the time she came here and was virtually homeless. People reached out to help her."

Pastor Marshall of course is upset and disturbed by what Duffey is accused of doing.

Now all he can do is pray for her.

Pastor Tommy Marshall says the suspect was actually escorted out of church on a Sunday morning and taken into custody by police for this alleged incident.

Duffey was charged with 2nd degree sodomy, and police want to know if there are anymore victims of the suspect out there.

You can call the Gadsden Police Department at 256-549-4613

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Virginian Pastor arrested for sexually abusing teen girl

Third one this week. But of course this pattern will be ignored by the mainstream media.

Police said a former youth minister at Trinity Assembly of God in Chesterfield County has been arrested on charges of sexually abusing a teenage parishioner in the 1990s.

Troy A. Mitten, 51, of the 1600 block of Old Hundred Road, was charged Monday with two counts each of having carnal knowledge of a child 13 to 15 years old and taking indecent liberties with a minor while in a custodial role.

Lt. Randy Horowitz said the alleged offenses, which include intercourse and inappropriate touching, occurred between 1994 and 1998 when the girl was 13 to 17 years old.

Horowitz said the alleged sexual encounters occurred at the girl's home and on a church trip on one occasion. At the time, Mitten was described as youth minister of the church at 233 N. Courthouse Road.

The Rev. Steve Brimmer has been the church's interim pastor for six weeks. He said he has no knowledge of the allegations and does not know Mitten, who left the church more than a decade ago.

Indian Priest arrested for molesting fourteen year old girl

CHENNAI, India - Police in southern India have arrested a Roman Catholic priest wanted in the United States on charges of sexually assaulting a teenage parishioner in Minnesota, officials said Monday.

The Rev. Joseph Palanivel Jeyapaul appeared Monday in a New Delhi court and will be held in custody pending a formal U.S. request for his extradition, to be filed along with case evidence, government officials said. Processing the request could take up to three months.

Police detained Jeyapaul on Friday near the southern Indian town of Erode after Interpol issued an alert, police Subinspector Pugal Maran said.

Jeyapaul, 57, an Indian citizen, has denied molesting a 14-year-old girl in 2004 when he was working at the Blessed Sacrament Church in Greenbush near the Canadian border.

He returned to India in 2005 to visit his ailing mother, and was asked not to return to the Minnesota church after being accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a 16-year-old.

The criminal case relating to the 14-year-old was filed later. Jeyapaul never returned to the United States.

Vatican officials recommended Jeyapaul's removal from the priesthood, but the local Indian bishop instead sentenced him to a year in a monastery through a canonical trial.

Jeyapaul was one of many foreign priests brought to the United States to help fill shortages in American parishes.

Nonie Darwish keeps on promoting stupidity

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Second Virginian Pastor arrested for trying to lure fourteen year old girl

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va (WTVR)- The parents of a 14-year-old girl say a visiting pastor made some disgusting, unwelcome comments to their daughter over the phone.

52-year-old Kelvin Goode has been charged with two sex crimes and now sits in jail with no bond.

The teenage girl told police about the conversation she had with Goode, and there was apparently nothing sacred about it. The words included “I heard you get in trouble” and asking the teen about when she planned to lose her virginity. So now the visiting pastor is spending time in the Chesterfield County jail.

“You can’t determine the action of others, so you got to move on,” says Pastor Howard Moses, of the Lords Church of Baptist.

But before Moses moves on to other topics, he told CBS-6 Goode had never actually preached there. Moses says about a year ago Goode stopped in his Ettrick church and occasionally read scripture and led prayers.

“As with most of these pastors,” said Moses, “they come in and we put them to work.”

The victim’s family claims Goode worked to get the teen’s phone number, then called her at least three times, adding that he was engaging in a sexually charged, “dirty” conversation with their daughter. The teen told police Goode said he wanted to have oral sex with her and suggested she tell her mom they had been talking about math if she asked what they had been talking about.

Pastor Moses says Goode’s alleged behavior is shocking and says he never saw it coming. He vows to make sure things at his church get back to normal quickly.

“We are going to let the judicial process take its course,” said Moses. “And we are going to do whatever we need to comfort the victim’s family and make sure no one ever deals with it again.”

Goode’s trial is set for May 24th.

Moses says Goode’s services as a visiting minister are no longer needed. Moses also expressed surprise upon learning of Goode’s eight prior felony convictions says the whole ordeal has opened his eyes wider

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pastor arrested for murdering wife who wanted to divorce him

Stevens County retired pastor has been convicted of killing his wife by shooting her 10 times in 2009 after she told him she was leaving him.

The Spokesman Review reported that a jury convicted 70-year-old Craig R. Cosby of first-degree murder Friday for killing 53-year-old Susan M. Cosby.

Sentencing has been set for April 17. Cosby faces a minimum of 25 years and up to life in prison.

He was arrested in the front yard of his home in Marcus, a small town along the Columbia River in northern Stevens County. Investigators say Cosby shot his wife 10 times with a .40-caliber handgun.