Thursday, February 23, 2012

Virginia lacrosse player who murdered girlfriend might be a Christian

Just a little background info, Washington is 72% Christian ( and thats where Huguely is from. In Virginia, where the girlfriend is from, the population is 76% Christian (see the same link).

The National Black Church has also spoken on this incident.

This guy was angry at his girlfriend who was in a relationship with another lacrosee player. I'm only posting a bit of the article, click on the link and see how violent this guy was. So anyways, this is a clear case of honor killing.

A judge is considering a jury recommendation that a former University of Virginia lacrosse player be sentenced up to 26 years in prison for his role in the death of his ex-girlfriend.

A jury returned the recommendation late Wednesday, hours after finding George Huguely V guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny in the May 2010 death of Yeardley Love.

The case captured national attention with a spotlight shown on the volatile relationship of star athletes Huguely and 22-year-old Love, who both played lacrosse for the university's nationally-ranked teams.

Judge Edward Hogshire is expected to sentence 24-year-old Huguely on April 16, at which time he can accept or reduce the jury's recommendation.

Outside the courtroom, Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney Warner D. Chapman told reporters that "what we do in court is a very rough approximation of justice in any given case.

"There's nothing that we can say that will make good the terrible and tragic loss to the Love family," Chapman said. "There are no winners in this case. There is nothing but loss everywhere."

He did not take any questions, saying he would wait until after sentencing to comment further.

Huguely's attorney, Francis Lawrence, said he was disappointed in the verdict, saying his client displayed "amazing resilience and courage."

"He's hopeful. He's spiritual," he said in brief comments following the verdict. "And we look forward to some corrections on what happened here tonight."

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