Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nigerian Pastor arrested over six year old girl's death

THE General Overseer of Elshaddai Foundation Ministry at Oke Ira area of Ogba, Lagos, Pastor Tom Joseph, is now under interrogation at the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID) Panti over alleged murder of a six year old baby with olive oil.

Trouble started when the wife of Elder Friday Duff, an elder in the Apostolic Church Iyaje Abatan, Ogba district took the little girl for deliverance in the church with the knowledge of the father.

She said she went for family planning so as to focus on the upbringing of her other children but she did all these without the consent of her husband.

According to her she went for medical attention from a nurse said to work in a government hospital.

The woman said she parted with an undisclosed sum of money to the nurse who administered some injections on her to make her unproductive, as she demanded.

According to her since she took the injection she has never been her normal self again due to excessive bleeding.

She said she became very weak and hardly does she walk a distance or do any tedious job.

Sensing trouble they had on a particular day went to church for prayers in their church due to the severity of the bleeding she called her husband aside and narrated her story and pleaded that he should put her in his prayers.

To the greatest amazement of the husband who became furious and decided to table the matter right there in the church before their women leader.

She was scolded but a particular woman in the church who was listening to the conversation called her aside and advised her that she knows a nurse who can solve her problem.

Mrs Duff, like a drowning man in search of help, opted to the woman's advise and they exchanged telephone numbers. A day was set aside and a point of meeting fixed. The strange woman in the church rather than taking her to the nurse as agreed changed gear and suggested to her that there was a very powerful man of God who can terminate the flow of blood within a twinkle of an eye.

The man of God lives in an uncompleted building where he used a small space outside the building made with canopy as his church.

Mrs. Duff said she told him of her problem which he dismissed with a wave of hand as a very minor issue and assured her to consider it as a forgotten matter. The pastor insisted that she must pay a token of N38,000 which was later reduced to N25,000 and the woman paid instantly and a date was fixed for the deliverance.

According to her, on that faithful day, January 17, 2012, the husband a staff of Unilever Warehouse at Abule Egba left to his working place as he was not notified by wife.

Daily Champion gathered that immediately he left, the wife also set out with her five children to the pastor's house for the deliverance.

They reached the church between 8 and 9 am and the deliverance commenced at the makeshift church.

Pastor Joseph was said to have demonstrated that he had gone into the spirit realm and God revealed to him that her children were being caged by satanic powers and they needed deliverance.

The man of God was alleged to have brought out a battle of olive oil where he poured into another bottle and gave two of the children to drink. Before this, the man of 'god' had warned them that the children would vomit and defecate regularly after taking the oil.

The mother said as soon as they drank the oil, their eyes turned as though, they were intoxicated. They rolled on the floor as though they were in a trance and fell into deep sleep. The nine year old son, Joshua was able to wake up at about 2pm but Victoria failed to wake up as soon as possible.

When the mother noticed that there was danger she became worried but the pastor allayed her fears and assured that all was well. The mother insisted that he should make the child to wake up without his response. Her persistence compelled the pastor to purchase a bottle of soft drink for her.

The mother said she demanded for palm oil for the child to drink apparently to neutralize the efficacy of what was given to her by the pastor but the pastor replied that he had no oil.

However, Joshua, the only son, who survived the storm said the substance that was given to them was very harsh adding that the olive oil where they were given was poured into another bottle with a black substance.

'I tasted it small and he warned me to drink it at once or it will burn my mouth I drank it slowly but Victoria poured everything at once into her mouth. I prayed before I drank slowly but Victoria poured everything at once into her mouth and I prayed before I drank it. There is one prayer we used to say in our church I said the prayer before I drank it'. Joshua said.

Mrs Duff further narrated that when it became obvious that there was danger the Pastor then suggested that the child should be taken to another nearby place of worship to save the child which they did.

She said another round of prayer was made 'they asked me to buy another Olive oil I bought it and they turned it round on her head and the bottle was thrown outside but the bottle failed to break as envisaged signifying that there was danger. I noticed that the woman shook her head with displeasure I then knew something serious has befell me' she said

According to her, the woman in the second church where they were transferred to then advised them to take the child to a nurse living nearby.

At this time, it was about 3am the following day and the father who had no idea of where the wife went to had embarked on a search for them since he returned from work 5pm the previous day.

He felt her family had either been kidnapped or something bad had happened to them since they could not communicate as the wife's telephone was faulty. At about 3am mother of the child and the Pastor had in an effort to save her life took her to Urban hospital located at Ogba and the child was confirmed dead.

They took the child to the father who was already filled with anger and fear on the fate of his family.

According to Elder Duff "At about 5am he heard a knock on the door and his first child asked him to open the door and behold he saw a man standing with a baby on his neck.

'This is a man that I had known for years when I was working as a driver, he was a mechanic and I had to connect him to be repairing my employers car, once he saw me he called my name and asked me is this your house and are these your children? I replied yes by then I never knew the child he was carrying was my daughter I ushered into my house. He started talking and he mentioned that my daughter was dead.

There I asked where she was and suddenly it occurred to me that the child he was carrying was my daughter. I went for a matchet to cut him into pieces I called neighbours who came out and he repeated his story. That was how I asked him to carry my daughter and we headed to the Area 'G' police station Ogba where he was arrested and detained'. The father narrated.

The pastor we gathered had since been transferred to the Homicide department of the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID) Panti for discreet investigations while the corpse had been deposited at the Isolo General hospital mortuary for autopsy.Meanwhile, father of the deceased has demanded for justice to avert a similar occurrence in the future.

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