Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn order all women to dress modestly and not shake hands with men

Yeah imagine if this was a Muslim area.
Muslims are being victimized for what Jews are doing.
What the Jews are doing here us against US law and Constitution. But its the Jews!! They're immune from everything legal (not all Jews of course)


Store Hours & Lifestyle
All establishments are closed two hours before sunset on Friday, all day Saturday, and on Jewish holidays.
You will not find any bars in these neighborhoods, unless they are on the outskirts and owned by non-Hasidic people.

Adult men and women do not wait in stores for each other to try on and model clothing; there's a separation of men and women.

Suggestions for Visitors

As a matter of courtesy:
•Do not eat or bring any food that is not kosher into a food establishment.
• It's best not to photograph people without their permission.
• Women visitors should, if possible, avoid low cut or tight fitting tops.
• Women visitors should not try to shake hands with local orthodox men; they won't, and the particularly pious may even avoid eye contact.

People in these communities are generally open and friendly to outsiders. However, it helps to understand a little of the rules they live by.

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Analyst said...

All religion is evil and is never good. Islam is one of the worst religions but none of them are good.