Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn order all women to dress modestly and not shake hands with men

Yeah imagine if this was a Muslim area.
Muslims are being victimized for what Jews are doing.
What the Jews are doing here us against US law and Constitution. But its the Jews!! They're immune from everything legal (not all Jews of course)


Store Hours & Lifestyle
All establishments are closed two hours before sunset on Friday, all day Saturday, and on Jewish holidays.
You will not find any bars in these neighborhoods, unless they are on the outskirts and owned by non-Hasidic people.

Adult men and women do not wait in stores for each other to try on and model clothing; there's a separation of men and women.

Suggestions for Visitors

As a matter of courtesy:
•Do not eat or bring any food that is not kosher into a food establishment.
• It's best not to photograph people without their permission.
• Women visitors should, if possible, avoid low cut or tight fitting tops.
• Women visitors should not try to shake hands with local orthodox men; they won't, and the particularly pious may even avoid eye contact.

People in these communities are generally open and friendly to outsiders. However, it helps to understand a little of the rules they live by.

South African Pastor arrested for raping thirteen year old girl

The 48-year-old principal, who doubles as a church pastor in and around Thohoyandou, was arrested last week for allegedly raping a 13-year-old Grade 8 pupil.

He was granted R10,000 bail and his case was postponed to March 27 for trial.

The alleged rape victim completed her Grade 7 last year at the primary school where the accused is the principal.

It is alleged that he raped the girl on the back seat of his car on the road between HaMasia and Vuwani on January 16.

He was arrested after a case of rape against him was opened by the girl's parents soon after doctors at Tshilidzini Hospital examined the girl.

The girl's aunt, whose name cannot be revealed to protect the child's identity as she is under age, said her niece told her the principal had had a sexual relationship with her since last year when she was 12 years old.

"I found five missed calls on her phone and when I asked her who the caller was she wouldn't tell. I then took the phone and checked the number and found that the last call took about seven minutes.

"She later told me that the caller was the principal who was just greeting her.

"But when I took her to the social workers she told them that she had started dating the principal in 2011 while she was in Grade 7.

"She told the social workers that the principal gave her money each time she had sex with him and asked her not to tell anyone about the incident," the aunt said.

The incident has come to light barely a month after five teachers accused of having sex with female pupils at Mahlontebe Secondary School in Sekhukhune were dismissed and chased away from the school by angry parents and pupils.

This was after a Grade 11 pupil smashed the car of her teacher after she allegedly caught him red-handed having sex with her classmate.

The teacher, who was allegedly dating both girls, lured them into sleeping with him in exchange for a pass at the end of the year.

The education department warned yesterday that sleeping with female pupils, irrespective of age or the school the pupil attends, was tantamount to rape.

"Having a romantic relationship with pupils is a dismissible offence and could result into a jail sentence of more than 10 years," Limpopo education MEC Dickson Masemola said.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pastor and Parents from Sweden charged for beating and burning fourteen year old girl

You should not let a sorceress live. (Exodus 22:17 NAB)

The father and step-mother of a 14-year-old girl from western Sweden were charged on Friday with repeatedly beating and burning the girl because they “thought she was a witch”, according to the prosecutor.

“According to the girl’s version of events she has been subjected to being locked up, has had her feet tied together, assault through being burned with a red-hot knife in a torture-like manner and other violent rites and exorcisms,” prosecutor Daniel Larsson wrote in a statement.

Along with the parents, a pastor from a small religious community in Malmö has been charged.

“There is a pastor in Malmö who is under suspicion but is currently abroad,” Larson wrote.

According to local paper Borås Tidning (BT), suspicions first surfaced in 2004 when an anonymous report to the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) claimed all was not right, but the agency opted not to pursue the matter at the time.

Six years later, in 2010, the agency received new reports that the child was being abused, as well as information indicating that her father had taken her to Skåne to force the evil demons out of her.

The 37-year-old father denies all allegations saying he has done everything in his power to help his daughter who has been feeling “mentally unsettled”.

“He says he knows of no violence against her at all,” said defence lawyer Jan Elgmark to news agency TT.

Instead, the man claims to have sought medical advice, and help from his church, in dealing with the girl's problems.

The 33-year-old step-mum is under suspicion for systematically abusing the girl over a long period of time.

“She denies these allegations,” her defence lawyer Torkel Stenbäcken told TT.

The prosecutor claims that the parents have shaved off the girl's hair and locked her up so that she couldn't infect her younger siblings with her “inherent evil”.

“My client hasn't been privy to anything like that. But there are others who are under suspicion and it is possible that they have. However, it isn't a criminal act to give someone a haircut,” Stenbäcken told TT.

He also denied that the step-mother had burned the girl with a red hot knife.

“There is no substance to those claims,” her lawyer said.

The woman has, however, admitted to some form of exorcism being performed.

“Yes, you could say that but that isn't a crime. That's religion and you're allowed to practice that,” said Stenbäcken.

He added that it wasn't the step-mother who had performed the rites, but other people. Prayers had been said in order to exorcize the demons from the girl or make her feel better.

“This is done in a religious context and I guess they thought it might help,” Stenbäcken told TT.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Wisconsin Pastor arrested for sexually assaulting sixteen year old schoolgirl

SPARTA, WI (WTAQ) - A western Wisconsin pastor is free on a signature bond, after he was accused of molesting a 16-year-old girl he was home-schooling in Sparta.

Charges are pending against 41-year-old James Monson, who had a bond hearing Wednesday in Monroe County. He's due back in court on Monday.

Monson is a pastor at the Gaining Ground Community Church, an evangelical Christian church in Sparta.

Police started investigating him earlier this week, after the girl's mother told police that the teen was sexually assaulted.

Monson faces possible charges of sexual exploitation by a therapist, and having sex with a child 16 or older.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Virginia lacrosse player who murdered girlfriend might be a Christian

Just a little background info, Washington is 72% Christian ( and thats where Huguely is from. In Virginia, where the girlfriend is from, the population is 76% Christian (see the same link).

The National Black Church has also spoken on this incident.

This guy was angry at his girlfriend who was in a relationship with another lacrosee player. I'm only posting a bit of the article, click on the link and see how violent this guy was. So anyways, this is a clear case of honor killing.

A judge is considering a jury recommendation that a former University of Virginia lacrosse player be sentenced up to 26 years in prison for his role in the death of his ex-girlfriend.

A jury returned the recommendation late Wednesday, hours after finding George Huguely V guilty of second-degree murder and grand larceny in the May 2010 death of Yeardley Love.

The case captured national attention with a spotlight shown on the volatile relationship of star athletes Huguely and 22-year-old Love, who both played lacrosse for the university's nationally-ranked teams.

Judge Edward Hogshire is expected to sentence 24-year-old Huguely on April 16, at which time he can accept or reduce the jury's recommendation.

Outside the courtroom, Charlottesville Commonwealth's Attorney Warner D. Chapman told reporters that "what we do in court is a very rough approximation of justice in any given case.

"There's nothing that we can say that will make good the terrible and tragic loss to the Love family," Chapman said. "There are no winners in this case. There is nothing but loss everywhere."

He did not take any questions, saying he would wait until after sentencing to comment further.

Huguely's attorney, Francis Lawrence, said he was disappointed in the verdict, saying his client displayed "amazing resilience and courage."

"He's hopeful. He's spiritual," he said in brief comments following the verdict. "And we look forward to some corrections on what happened here tonight."

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Notable Pastor from Florida who raped and sexually assaulted two teen girls is now free from jail

From 09, missed it then. Now this goon is free and is heading back to the mega church he lead.

Darrell Gilyard, the former pastor of a Jacksonville megachurch, has completed his three-year prison sentence for sex crimes against two girls in his congregation and has returned to Duval County as a registered sex offender.

Gilyard was released Dec. 28 from Wakula Correctional Institution. Florida Department of Corrections spokeswoman Jo Ellyn Rackleff said he is now serving three years probation.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s online sex offender registry shows that Gilyard has registered his address at a Jacksonville hotel.

“I’m happy to have that dark part of my life over,” he said Tuesday, declining further comment.

Gilyard has been in the headlines practically since the beginning of his career in ministry, and often for sexual improprieties.

His 2009 conviction and imprisonment was for committing sex crimes against two teenage members of his church, Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church.

In the cases for which he was imprisoned, Gilyard pleaded guilty to fondling a teenage girl during a counseling session and to sending sexually explicit text messages to another. He told the Times-Union after his conviction he had made serious mistakes, knew that he had disappointed many people and vowed to make it up to them.

After his conviction, Gilyard admitted to fathering the child of a woman who accused him of raping her during a 2004 counseling session, court documents showed.

The Palatka native was once a protege of then First Baptist Church Pastor Jerry Vines, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention. He was also mentored by Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and also a former Southern Baptist Convention president.

Gilyard was once the pastor of a fast-growing church in Texas, where he also faced accusations of sexual misconduct. He arrived at Shiloh in 1993 and three years later the church settled a sexual-misconduct claim against him, court records showed.

And now he's back preaching in church again:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Arkansas Pastor arrested on four counts of raping fourteen year old girl

CROSS COUNTY, AR (KAIT) - Cross County sheriff's deputies say they have arrested James Edward Davis, pastor of Morning Star Baptist Church, for four counts of raping a minor.

According to police, Davis was arrested after the Arkansas State Police Crimes Against Children's Division was notified of him raping a 14-year-old girl.

Police say the juvenile revealed that Davis had raped her at least four times since 2010, and that he took her down a back road onto a bridge behind a vacant house for sex.

Family members of the victim said she is now pregnant.

Davis will appear in court March 8.

Officers say the girl's mother is currently in jail, and that Davis is also the mother's ex-boyfriend.

Brandi Hunter will have the latest details of the investigation tonight on Region 8 News at 6 and 10.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Pastor arrested for wanting sex with a fourteen year old girl

CRYSTAL LAKE – A former Marengo youth minister pleaded guilty to six felonies for soliciting an undercover officer whom he thought was a 14-year-old girl for sex acts and other crimes committed in the church where he worked.

Barry Caudle, 39, a former Marengo First Assembly of God youth minister, pleaded guilty Thursday in Rock Island County Circuit Court to two counts of solicitation of a child, one count of grooming, and three counts of harmful material for performing lewd acts over a webcam while in the church.

Under terms of a plea agreement, Caudle could get up to two years in prison, said Rock Island County Assistant State's Attorney Margaret Osborn. He had faced a maximum of three years.

Caudle would be required to register as a sex offender for ten years. He didn't have a prior criminal record, Osborn said.

The Rock Island Police Department began investigating Caudle in mid-2011. Investigators said Caudle solicited an officer posing online as a 14-year-old girl for sex acts, believing she was an underage girl. The case was later handed over to Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office.

Church officials were stunned when Caudle was arrested at Marengo First Assembly of God on Nov. 2.

On an online journal, Caudle wrote “I have been in ministry for 17 years and I love kids and love to serve, and just love people.” And according to his Facebook homepage, Caudle began serving as a youth minister at Marengo First Assembly of God in November 2010. Before that, he served as a children’s pastor at Harvest Chapel in Sandwich, from February 2004 to October 2010.

Though "a man of faith" Caudle agreed to leave the ministry and seek treatment, his attorney Mark Battaglia said Thursday.

Caudle admitted he had a problem with pornography but denied ever having inappropriate contact with children, Battaglia said.

"He was dealing with a compulsion which is becoming increasing prevalent in our society with the availability of vice on the Internet," Battaglia said.

Battaglia said Caudle's wife and family supported him.

Caudle is scheduled to be sentenced April 10

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Christian leader in South Africa raped his own daughter for two months

So he was not a Pastor, but was frequently involved in the Church's activities and oftenn led prayers.

The Universal Church of Kingdom of God (UCKG) has denied reports that the man arrested on Tuesday last week for allegedly raped his 11-year-old daughter is a pastor at the church.

The 51-year-old man was arrested last week after his daughter approached members of the street committee and told them her father had been raping her and her bed-ridden mother for the past two years.

The girl's allegations came after her mother was admitted to the Khayelitsha District Hospital for high blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy and depression.

Public relations manager for the church, Nicola Balderson, said the man - whose name cannot be publicised as it would identify the rape victim - was not a pastor of the church.

"The leadership of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God states categorically that it does not tolerate nor condone abuse or violence towards any person and is shocked by the incorrect association which has been made with the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God," stated Balderson.

However, Khayelitsha residents said the man was often invited to speak at funeral services for deceased members of the Khayelitsha community and always introduced himself as a UCKG pastor at a church in Nyanga.

"I've know him since last year; we take the same train to the church. Every Sunday after the church he will organize people to come and pray with us. He was very active and a good person. I believe he was about to be a (church) assistant," said a Khayelitsha resident.

A Khayelitsha residents' committee member, Thobeka Lubambo, said the man was known as a pastor to the Khayelitsha community.

"When we have church services like funerals he would preach and tell us he is pastor at Universal Church of Kingdom of God," said Lubambo.

Aniother UCKG spokesperson Nametso Mofokeng confirmed the man was not a pastor at the Nyanga church.

"The man used to attend services, but he is not a pastor, he never was. The pastor in Nyanga said he had seen him, he is just a member."

Mofokeng also denied that the man was about to be an assistant.

"Members volunteer to become an assistant, but each member has to go through a process like counseling, not everyone can be an assistant," she said.

The New Age reported that about 100 residents of the Khayelitsha community where he lived protested at his first court appearance last week, holding aloft placards stating he must "rot in jail".

The man was denied bail and remains in custody. His next court appearance is set for March 30.

Georgian Pastor arrested for molesting teen girl

A former North Georgia youth pastor was arrested this week in Walker County after he was accused of fondling a 15-year-old girl in 2009.

Ronald Howard, 38, was charged with child molestation on Monday and was released from jail after posting bond, authorities said.

Howard, who used to be a youth pastor in Trion, Ga., was involved with a LaFayette High School student from 2009 to 2011, a police report shows.

He went to church with the girl in LaFayette and they volunteered at some of the same organizations together, but Howard wasn’t employed at any LaFayette church, Sheriff Steve Wilson said.

The investigation began after the girl complained to her school principal that she had been touched inappropriately on several occasions, according to a police report.

But most of the incidents occurred after the girl turned 16, which is the age of consent in Georgia, Wilson said. Howard has been charged for an incident in which he reportedly drove the girl to a church cemetery when she was still 15 and fondled her, Wilson said.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Maine Pastor arrested for domestic abuse on wife

FALMOUTH, Maine — The pastor of a non-denominational Christian church in Windham has been arrested on domestic violence charges.

Police say they were called to the Falmouth home of 57-year-old Kendall Libby at about 11 p.m. Sunday for a fight and determined probable cause to charge him with domestic assault on his wife.

She did not require medical treatment.

Libby was booked at the Cumberland County Jail and released on $150 cash bail.

Libby started the Grace Church congregation in 2009. It meets at Windham High School.

An associate pastor at the church declined comment on Libby’s arrest.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Michigan Pastor arrested for sexually assaulting fourteen year old girl

MT. CLEMENS, Mich. (WXYZ) - An alleged sexual assault during a church pancake breakfast is sending shockwaves through the pews of St. Peter in Mt. Clemens. The Macomb County Sheriff says a 14-year-old girl claims a 19-year-old fellow parishioner sexually assaulted her in the church’s basement.

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham says the two were involved in a relationship over the course of several months, but that it turned violent in December.

Wickersham says the alleged victim reported the incident to her school counselor, who then told the girl’s mother.

The fallout from the alleged sexual assault led the archdiocese to suspend the pastor of St. Peter. In a statement released Sunday night the archdiocese names the pastor – Father Michael Cooney. And while he is not suspected of any criminal wrongdoing, church officials are investigating whether he knew some type of sexual behavior was going on between the teens but didn’t report it.

The suspect, 19 year-old Michael Lentini, was arrested and arraigned on criminal sexual conduct charges on Friday. He could spend 10 years in prison if he’s found guilty.

The archdiocese is not releasing a timeline as to when their investigation of Cooney will be complete.

South Korean Pastor arrested for starving and beating his young kids to death

SEOUL, February 13, 2012 (AFP) - A South Korean pastor and his wife have been arrested for allegedly starving and whipping their three sick children to death in an attempt to drive out demons, police said Monday.

The 43-year-old and his wife were arrested Sunday for homicide after the couple's relative found the decomposed bodies of the children at their home next to the pastor's church in Boseong county near the southwest coast.

Forensic examination showed the 10-year-old girl and the two boys aged five and eight had no food in their stomachs and had suffered severe bruising all over their bodies, the Jeonnam Provincial Police Agency spokesman told AFP.

The couple told police they had tried to cure their children, who were suffering from colds and high fever, with fasting and prayer and by repeatedly whipping them to "drive bad spirits away".

"We believe the children had not been fed since January 23 before they eventually died on February 1 or 2," the police spokesman said.

The couple allegedly whipped each child 39 times with a belt or a fly swatter on five separate occasions, citing a Biblical verse.

Police said they cited Proverbs 23:13-14, which reads: "Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you punish them with the rod, they will not die. Punish them with the rod and save them from death."

Their fourth child, a year-old baby, was taken into protective custody by police and was in good health.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nigerian Pastor arrested over six year old girl's death

THE General Overseer of Elshaddai Foundation Ministry at Oke Ira area of Ogba, Lagos, Pastor Tom Joseph, is now under interrogation at the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID) Panti over alleged murder of a six year old baby with olive oil.

Trouble started when the wife of Elder Friday Duff, an elder in the Apostolic Church Iyaje Abatan, Ogba district took the little girl for deliverance in the church with the knowledge of the father.

She said she went for family planning so as to focus on the upbringing of her other children but she did all these without the consent of her husband.

According to her she went for medical attention from a nurse said to work in a government hospital.

The woman said she parted with an undisclosed sum of money to the nurse who administered some injections on her to make her unproductive, as she demanded.

According to her since she took the injection she has never been her normal self again due to excessive bleeding.

She said she became very weak and hardly does she walk a distance or do any tedious job.

Sensing trouble they had on a particular day went to church for prayers in their church due to the severity of the bleeding she called her husband aside and narrated her story and pleaded that he should put her in his prayers.

To the greatest amazement of the husband who became furious and decided to table the matter right there in the church before their women leader.

She was scolded but a particular woman in the church who was listening to the conversation called her aside and advised her that she knows a nurse who can solve her problem.

Mrs Duff, like a drowning man in search of help, opted to the woman's advise and they exchanged telephone numbers. A day was set aside and a point of meeting fixed. The strange woman in the church rather than taking her to the nurse as agreed changed gear and suggested to her that there was a very powerful man of God who can terminate the flow of blood within a twinkle of an eye.

The man of God lives in an uncompleted building where he used a small space outside the building made with canopy as his church.

Mrs. Duff said she told him of her problem which he dismissed with a wave of hand as a very minor issue and assured her to consider it as a forgotten matter. The pastor insisted that she must pay a token of N38,000 which was later reduced to N25,000 and the woman paid instantly and a date was fixed for the deliverance.

According to her, on that faithful day, January 17, 2012, the husband a staff of Unilever Warehouse at Abule Egba left to his working place as he was not notified by wife.

Daily Champion gathered that immediately he left, the wife also set out with her five children to the pastor's house for the deliverance.

They reached the church between 8 and 9 am and the deliverance commenced at the makeshift church.

Pastor Joseph was said to have demonstrated that he had gone into the spirit realm and God revealed to him that her children were being caged by satanic powers and they needed deliverance.

The man of God was alleged to have brought out a battle of olive oil where he poured into another bottle and gave two of the children to drink. Before this, the man of 'god' had warned them that the children would vomit and defecate regularly after taking the oil.

The mother said as soon as they drank the oil, their eyes turned as though, they were intoxicated. They rolled on the floor as though they were in a trance and fell into deep sleep. The nine year old son, Joshua was able to wake up at about 2pm but Victoria failed to wake up as soon as possible.

When the mother noticed that there was danger she became worried but the pastor allayed her fears and assured that all was well. The mother insisted that he should make the child to wake up without his response. Her persistence compelled the pastor to purchase a bottle of soft drink for her.

The mother said she demanded for palm oil for the child to drink apparently to neutralize the efficacy of what was given to her by the pastor but the pastor replied that he had no oil.

However, Joshua, the only son, who survived the storm said the substance that was given to them was very harsh adding that the olive oil where they were given was poured into another bottle with a black substance.

'I tasted it small and he warned me to drink it at once or it will burn my mouth I drank it slowly but Victoria poured everything at once into her mouth. I prayed before I drank slowly but Victoria poured everything at once into her mouth and I prayed before I drank it. There is one prayer we used to say in our church I said the prayer before I drank it'. Joshua said.

Mrs Duff further narrated that when it became obvious that there was danger the Pastor then suggested that the child should be taken to another nearby place of worship to save the child which they did.

She said another round of prayer was made 'they asked me to buy another Olive oil I bought it and they turned it round on her head and the bottle was thrown outside but the bottle failed to break as envisaged signifying that there was danger. I noticed that the woman shook her head with displeasure I then knew something serious has befell me' she said

According to her, the woman in the second church where they were transferred to then advised them to take the child to a nurse living nearby.

At this time, it was about 3am the following day and the father who had no idea of where the wife went to had embarked on a search for them since he returned from work 5pm the previous day.

He felt her family had either been kidnapped or something bad had happened to them since they could not communicate as the wife's telephone was faulty. At about 3am mother of the child and the Pastor had in an effort to save her life took her to Urban hospital located at Ogba and the child was confirmed dead.

They took the child to the father who was already filled with anger and fear on the fate of his family.

According to Elder Duff "At about 5am he heard a knock on the door and his first child asked him to open the door and behold he saw a man standing with a baby on his neck.

'This is a man that I had known for years when I was working as a driver, he was a mechanic and I had to connect him to be repairing my employers car, once he saw me he called my name and asked me is this your house and are these your children? I replied yes by then I never knew the child he was carrying was my daughter I ushered into my house. He started talking and he mentioned that my daughter was dead.

There I asked where she was and suddenly it occurred to me that the child he was carrying was my daughter. I went for a matchet to cut him into pieces I called neighbours who came out and he repeated his story. That was how I asked him to carry my daughter and we headed to the Area 'G' police station Ogba where he was arrested and detained'. The father narrated.

The pastor we gathered had since been transferred to the Homicide department of the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID) Panti for discreet investigations while the corpse had been deposited at the Isolo General hospital mortuary for autopsy.Meanwhile, father of the deceased has demanded for justice to avert a similar occurrence in the future.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Texas Pastor arrested for wife's murder

GATESVILLE (February 1, 2012)-David Keith Allen, 49, was in the Coryell County Jail Wednesday charged with capital murder in the March 22, 2011 death of his wife in a house fire.

Allen was indicted on Monday and arrested at about 6:45 p.m. Tuesday by Coryell County Sheriff's deputies.

The indictment accuses Allen of setting the fire deliberately, using a flammable accelerant.

Paula Allen, 54, was found dead just inside the front door of a mobile home behind the New Life Church of Restoration just east of Gatesville.

The church has since changed its name.

David Allen also has remarried in recent days, according to records in the Coryell County Clerk's office where a marriage license was issued to David Allen and Megan Lynn Griffith, 27, also of Gatesville.

A clerk in the office said the license had been executed and returned for filing.

An initial autopsy report showed Paula Allen died of smoke inhalation and thermal burns.

David Allen was able to escape the flames that morning, but said he was overcome by smoke as he tried to rescue his wife.

He reported he was asleep in the living room and his wife was asleep in a bedroom when the fire broke out just after 1 a.m. on March 22, 2011.

Coryell County Justice of the Peace Coy Latham said earlier Allen reported that he awoke to the flames, jumped out of a living room window and ran around the mobile home to try to save his wife, who he said was in a back bedroom.

Gatesville Fire Chief Billy Vaden said firefighters tried to get into the back of the mobile home to find the woman, but the roof caved in before they could make entry.

David Allen did not require medical attention.

"We feel like the fire wasn't an accident early on, and felt something just wasn't right," said Paula Allen's daughters Miranda Waters and Malissa Casas in an email Wednesday night.

"The man that we have known for almost 20 years, being arrested for our mother's murder hurts us deeply. Our question still remains, 'Why?'"

Michigan Pastor arrested for sexually assaulting two girls

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A well-known former West Michigan pastor is now facing criminal charges.

In the summer of 2011, Newschannel 3 broke the story that Milton Wells was under investigation and was resigning from his post at two local organizations. Now, he's facing ten counts of criminal sexual conduct.

Wells was very involved in community issues, including homelessness, fighting neighborhood crime and helping felons re-enter society. Now the community leader is facing criminal charges himself.

Newschannel 3 has learned the alleged victims were both members of Open Door Ministries, that Wells had led at one point. Both girls were under the age of twelve when the alleged incidents occurred.

Wells is now facing two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct as well as eight counts of second degree criminal sexual conduct.

Newschannel 3 spoke to the mother of one of the alleged victims on the phone. She did not want her name used in order to protect her daughter's identity.

“We regret that a dark shadow has been cast upon the church, but this is something that can't be overlooked or swept away,” said the mother. “We want there to be awareness of being an advocate for your children and protecting your children in any case.”

Newschannel 3 found a church member at Open Door Ministries on Thursday, but she did not wish to speak to us.

Wells is currently out of jail, his bail set at $10,000.

Newschannel 3 stopped at his home, but he did not wish to speak on camera, referring us to his Lansing attorney.

That attorney said Wells is presumed innocent, but wouldn't comment further.

Because Wells was so actively involved in Kalamazoo-based community programs, the case is being handled by a visiting prosecutor from Calhoun County to avoid a conflict of interest.

Meanwhile the mother of one alleged victim says they have been waiting for months to see these charges finally brought.

“Our families are very hurt, angry and disappointed at how things have come to the forefront,” said the mother. “How a man that we trusted, not only spiritually but naturally, manipulated not only our children but our families.”

Wells' next scheduled court appearance is February 9th.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Meaning of a wife's obedience towards her husband

Firstly see verses and hadiths on the equality, kindness and honor of women on the sie bar (comes after Bible verses):

As-salam `alaykum. I would like to ask you about the concept of obedience of a wife to her husband. It is my belief that this relates to religious matters, not to trivial issues such as making a cup of tea when told so. I understand that doing such a thing for one's husband is out of courtesy and a means of strengthening marital relationship; but is this the meaning of obedience? There is much discussion and misunderstanding on the concept of a wife's obedience, so please answer this question as fully as possible, making a clear distinction between courtesy, respect and obedience. JazakumAllahu Khayran.

Wa`alaykum as-salamu wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

Dear sister in Islam, we commend your keenness on getting your self well-acquainted with Islam and its teachings, which is the way Allah has chosen for the welfare of His servants.

Islam teaches that the relations between the spouses should be based on tranquility, love and mercy. These are very important concepts in Islam. These three summarize the ideals of Islamic marriage. It is the duty of the husband and wife to see that they are a source of comfort and tranquility for each other. They should do everything physically, emotionally and spiritually to make each other feel happy and comfortable. They must care for each other. They should not inflict any harm or injury, neither physically nor verbally, to each other.

In order to increase the tranquility and comfort in their relations and in their home, they should love each other and should have mercy and kindness for each other. Loving and merciful relationship is an important ingredient of a good marriage and good family life.

In Islamic marriage, neither the husband is allowed to demand his wife what is forbidden by Allah and what is harsh and unseemly, nor the wife is allowed to demand her husband to do anything that Allah has forbidden and what would put undue burden upon her husband.

Responding to the question you raised, Sheikh Yusuf Estes, a prominent Muslim scholar and director of, states the following:

There are two things that many enemies and even some Muslims refer to when trying to show that Islam in some way favors the men over the women. This has caused very serious problems within and without for a number of centuries but never so much as it has now. The first is the mention in the Qur’an that the (Men are in charge of women.)(An-Nisa' 4:34) That, however, is meaning not in superiority, but rather in responsibility. The man must care for the woman. His mother, sister, wife and his daughter are all charges that Allah has placed under him. He is responsible for their food, lodging, health care, education, clothing and general well being. He must be very careful to provide for his family to the best of his ability. There is no doubt that this is the meaning behind the message of men being "over" the women.

The second reference is to the hadith wherein the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said that if he could order anyone to make prostration to someone other than Allah, it would be the wife to the husband.

Again, the meaning is easy to manipulate for those who desire to misunderstand the true spirit of Islam. Women do have a responsibility to obey their men, whether their fathers, brothers, husbands or even grown-up sons. But it should be emphasized that this obedience is actually to the deen (religion) of Allah and how they follow Islam. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) used to wash his own clothes, cook food, clean up and care for things just as anyone else. Try to recall anytime when he ordered his family around like slaves. Did he? Of course not. This is obviously against the teachings of Islam.

Woman owns property in Islam exclusive of her husband and does not even have to offer one cent of her income to her husband even if he is out of work and has nothing. Whatever she contributes is recorded for her as charity and it is not obligatory on her. If she washes his clothes, prepares special dishes and does extra things for him, then this is considered very appreciated acts from her side. He should be very thankful to Allah for giving him such a wife. Her duties are always to Allah first, and then to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). Her duties to her husband are no difference than the husband's duties. Both are equal in responsibilities, duties and intentions before Allah.

May Allah make us of those who understand and follow His deen of Islam, ameen!"