Saturday, November 26, 2011

Teen girl commits suicide because her stepfather sexually abused her, did Christianity play a role?

Of course the media will never directly say the father was Christian. But Texas is without a doubt the most conservative of the Bible belt. And I dunno but maybe this quote from the Mom sheds some light?

"He had sexually abused her and of course emotionally as well starting at 14,” Tiffany said. “She had demons we couldn't help her with."

Well thats good enough for me. And read the full shocking storey below, quite saddening what this young girl went through.


Murtadd said...

What a lot of hogwash. True islamic style, why am I not surprised.
From your immaturity I can see that you clearly subscribe to the mentality of your mentor Osama Abdallah, the liar, the joke of islam, the twister.

You will.notice how muslims are truly deceptive in their dawah. They will post " so called". things against christianity but you will never find them LINKING the rebuttals from christian sites to theirs. True islamic taqqiyah style.

Osama Abdallah the illusionary champion of islamic, is guilty of this. He will never tell you, nor link it, that ALL HIS crap has been rebutted by and answering - respectively. Oh and they always link their rebuttals to him so readers can read Both sides of the stories on the respective websites.

Obviously muslims dont do this because it will expose their lies and insinuations. ALL OF OSAMA'S CRAP has been rebutted already, but you wouldnt know that because he doesnt link his rebuttals.

A small bit of advise READ both sides of a story.


Ali said...

Uh I'm not a fan of Osama. He's a bigger blasphemer of Islam than Sam Shamoun.

LOL buddy, Muslim academics and apologists are CONSTANTLY refuting attacks by holy spirit guided Christians. Taqiyyha? My ass. Show mw where this ''taqiyyah' is allowed.

You know your Sam Shamoun has called Muslims 'dogs'? Can't argue with him, your Bible does say non-christians are dogs AND pigs.

You wanna debate? I'll take you out in two seconds.