Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pastor rapes and beats his own thirteen year old daughter

I had this storey in April but back then they didn't mentioned the girl was his daughter.

A Queens Supreme Court jury heard opening arguments Tuesday in the trial of the Rev. Phillip Joubert, the pastor of Bayside’s Community Baptist Church, who is accused of sexually abusing and raping his then-13-year-old daughter in 2009.

Joubert, 50, is charged with first- and second-degree rape, incest, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. If found guilty on the top charge, first-degree rape, he faces up to 25 years in prison, the Queens DA’s office said.

The prosecution said the young woman, now 15, would testify against her father.

Assistant District Attorney Lauren Parson said Joubert’s daughter and her twin brother, the youngest of the minister’s six children with his estranged wife, left the Norwalk, Conn., home where they live with their mother in the summer of 2009 to stay with their father at his home at the church on the corner of 206th Street and 46th Road for two weeks to attend Bible camp.

One night between July 25 and Aug. 2 that summer, Joubert allegedly entered his daughter’s bedroom and forced himself upon her, physically and sexually assaulting her and then raping her, according to Parson.

The frightened young woman kept her abuse a secret, the prosecution said, until November 2009, when Joubert punched her after coming home to find his Norwalk apartment at 21 Lexington Ave. messy. It was then that she confided in her mother about the rape and the two went to the police.

Joubert was arrested in Norwalk Dec. 31 and a judge at Norwalk Superior Court issued a protective order that stipulated he was to stay away from the alleged victim and have no contact with her.

The case was turned over to Queens detectives, and Joubert was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport later that month after returning from a trip to Israel.

Parson said Joubert admitted to touching his daughter’s vagina “only after she touched his penis” but denied raping her.

Joubert’s attorney, Philip Russell, said his client’s accuser was coached by her mother, who talked about getting a divorce in June 2009. He said they went to the Norwalk police to report an alleged slapping.

“At some point, which it may never be clear to you, there was a complaint of a sexual assault in Queens,” he told the jury.

Russell called into question whether the written statement Joubert’s daughter submitted to police contained the words of a 13-year old or those of her mother.

He said Joubert, who suffers from diabetes, left Israel at 1:30 a.m. and at some point during his 13-hour flight became ill. It was in his “extremely weakened, sick shape” that Joubert was interrogated by police, Russell said.

The defense said it would call a passenger who sat next to Joubert on that flight to testify about his condition.

According to Norwalk’s The Hour newspaper, Joubert was arrested July 5, 2011, for allegedly placing a call to his daughter, violating the judge’s protective order.

He was due in Norwalk Superior Court Nov. 16 on third-degree assault charges, risking injury to a child and violating a protective order.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Teen girl commits suicide because her stepfather sexually abused her, did Christianity play a role?

Of course the media will never directly say the father was Christian. But Texas is without a doubt the most conservative of the Bible belt. And I dunno but maybe this quote from the Mom sheds some light?

"He had sexually abused her and of course emotionally as well starting at 14,” Tiffany said. “She had demons we couldn't help her with."

Well thats good enough for me. And read the full shocking storey below, quite saddening what this young girl went through.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Oklahoma Pastor recieves death threats because he employed women at his church

Entire article focuses on gays but this particular quote stood out:

"It is highly recommended that you have somebody to answer the phone of your church, especially the dumb *** Pastor Blair," the caller warned. "Women should not be in a position in a church of employment that is non-Christian. It is recommended that a man answer the phone at your f--king establishment. I will be seeing you soon!"

Monday, November 14, 2011

Twelve year old girl testifies against Pastor who molested her

A 12-year-old girl testified today that Rio Linda Baptist preacher Tommy Gene Daniels molested her six years ago at his Citrus Heights home that also served as his wife's day care center.

The girl said she was taking a nap in a bedroom at the Daniels' residence when "Tom...tried to wake me up by touching me inappropriately."

She is one of five victims prosecutors intend to bring to the stand in the trial against Daniels, 49, the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Rio Linda.

Daniels is facing 12 molestation counts in incidents that took place between 2005 and 2008, Deputy District Attorney Kimberly Macy told a Sacramento Superior Court jury.

Defense attorney Michael L. Chastaine sought to find inconsistencies in the girl's story. Chastain suggested in his questioning that the girl changed her story from a recent videotaped interview in which she said she was asleep when the incident she described took place.

"I wasn't sure because I wasn't asleep, I wasn't awake," she said.

Chastaine said in his opening statement to the jury that Daniels "is a good man," "a good husband, a good father, a good member of this community."

The defense lawyer said some of the alleged victims who will testify against Daniels "are liars" who wanted to get back at him because they were troubled kids who didn't like going to his house for the "respite care" provided by his wife.

Daniels' wife, Brenda Daniels, had lost her state day care and foster care licenses in 2003 for assorted violations of state regulations but continued taking in referrals on problematic children whose parents needed temporary breathers.

There was no indication that the girl who testified today was one of those children. Her parents said they had been taking her to the Daniels house for on Wapiti Place in Citrus Heights for three years before the alleged July 5, 2005, molestation of their then-6-year-old daughter.

Citrus Heights police interviewed the girls' parents the same day and arrested Daniels, but he was not arrested until December 2010.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pastor arrested for raping mentally unstable girl

Police at Sakumono have arrested a Pastor, Bright Nana Oduro, of Glorious Light Church on the Spintex road, for allegedly raping an imbecile.

The Sakumono District Police Commander, Superintendent Alex Wowolo, who confirmed the story to The Chronicle on Saturday said investigations are underway in the case.

According to him, on Sunday October 30th, 2011, the mother of an 18-year-old girl, said to be mentally deranged, was sent to the Pastor for prayers.

The District Commander said the girl was locked in the chapel from that Sunday to Wednesday, until she managed to escape. The family, however, managed to locate and apprehend her in the town on Friday November 4, 2011, and in the night at about 10:00pm they sent her back to the supposed man of God, to continue with the prayers.

The Pastor, however, reportedly forced and had sex with her, using a condom, and attempted to go a second round, which she resisted.
The Pastor reportedly went to lock the door, pocketed the key, and raped her again without a condom.

When the girl detected that the man of God was asleep, she managed to retrieve the key and took an amount of GH¢10 from his pocket. She opened the door and escaped.

A taxi driver took her home, to her grandmother, who in turn reported the case to the Sakumono police for action.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pastor arrested for sexually assualting two teen girls

CORPUS CHRISTI — A 58-year-old former Alice pastor was arrested Wednesday after allegations surfaced that he sexually assaulted three teens two years ago at his church.

Last Friday, the mother of one of the three siblings brought her 18-year-old daughter to the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office where the teen said she was assaulted by the former pastor when she was 16-years-old.

Sheriff's office investigators then questioned the 58-year-old former pastor who denied any wrongdoing, said Lt. Carlos Araujo of the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Office.

A few days later, a male and female sibling of the 18-year-old woman came forward and said they too were assaulted by the man two years ago when the boy was 13 and the girl was 15, Araujo said.

Investigators believe the teens worked odd jobs at the church and were assaulted on church grounds.

When sheriff's office officials brought the man back for questioning, he told police he assaulted the girls, but not the boy, Araujo said.A warrant was issued for the former pastor's arrest on suspicion of three counts of sexual assault of a child, each a first-degree felony.

Jose Humberto Herrera, 58, was arrested Wednesday at his Alice home off County Road 136.

Sheriff's office officials said Herrera is related to the teens through marriage. He served as pastor at the Baptist church for nearly 10 years.

Herrera was being held Thursday at the Jim Wells County Jail on $180,000 bail.

Springfield Pastor arrested for sexually assaulting sixteen year old girl

A Texas youth pastor who previously lived in Springfield has been arrested and charged with having sex with a teenager.

Chad Foster, 32, of Cypress, Texas, was charged with sexual assault of a child on Nov. 3, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office. Foster grew up in the Springfield area, according to people who know Foster and a blog kept by Foster.
Court documents indicate that Foster met a 16-year-old girl while he working at the Community Faith Church in Hockley, Texas.
Foster met the girl through a high school ministry program. The two started communicating via text messaging after exchanging phone numbers, court records say.
The girl said she had several encounters with Foster between July and October at his home in Cypress. During this time, she said Foster warned her that she shouldn't tell anyone about the relationship because she was underage. He also allegedly said that he would get into legal trouble if anyone found out, court records say.
The girl told investigators that she felt bad about the relationship and admitted what had been going on to a high school teacher before deputies became involved. She also told another pastor at the Community of Faith Church. Records indicate Foster is charged with two other felony sexual assault counts related to the incidents, court records say.
Efforts to contact officials with the Community of Faith Church were unsuccessful. Foster's blog said he worked at Second Baptist Church in Cypress, also as a youth minister.
People familiar with Foster's background said he grew up in the Springfield area and graduated from high school in 1997. According to News-Leader archives, Foster participated in track and basketball at Greenwood High School.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Texas Judge beat disabled daughter with a belt (graphic)

Texas is without a doubt the most conservative state in the Bible belt, and this is yet another one of those 'bible beatings' Christians are obsessed with.

Axe Deodorant commercial banned for offending Christians

Would the people of South Africa prefer something thats more Christianity compliant?

South Africa’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned a 60-second Axe commercial for offending members of the Christian faith.

The ad depicts several scantily clad female angels falling from heaven, lured by the scent of a young Italian man wearing “Excite” deodorant. The angels then smash their halos to the ground as they approach the man, boarding his moped.

“Even Angels Will Fall,” reads the tagline.

The ASA banned the spot after one male complainant was angered by the message, ruling that other Christians were likely to be offended as well, reports The Daily Mail.

South Africa’s News 24 posted the ruling, stating: ‘As such, the problem is not so much that the angels are used in the commercial, but rather that the angels are seen to forfeit, or perhaps forego their heavenly status for mortal desires.

‘This is something that would likely offend Christians in the same manner as it offended the complainant.”

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Youth Pastor arrested for sexual assault on girl

A youth pastor in Alma was arrested Thursday after he engaged in sexual acts with a juvenile female youth group member, according to a news release from the Van Buren Police Department. Michael Brandon Lenzini, 34, was arrested at Crossroads Church in Alma on suspicion of four counts of first-degree sexual assault, a Class A felony, according to the release issued by detective Jonathan Wear, public information officer for the department. “At this point we don’t know of any other victims,” Wear said in a phone interview Monday. “I’m hoping there’s no other victims.” After receiving a tip from the child abuse hot line, investigators spent Thursday morning investigating Lenzini before arresting him, according to the release. The sexual acts are believed to have taken place during a one-month period, the release states. In Arkansas, first-degree sexual assault occurs when someone has intercourse or “deviate sexual activity” with a juvenile, and the abuser is in a position of trust or authority over the victim, Wear stated in the release. Consent is no defense, he added.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Egyptian government covered up Christian honor killings?

Long article from Stop Honor Killings, and a particular paragraph caught my attention.

Azza Suleiman's work provides much bleaker material. Incest is a major problem which no one will discuss, she says. Recently, an Egyptian man admitted killing his daughter because she was pregnant. But he was the father of his daughter's unborn child. It was a case of incest. But he killed her to protect the family's "honour". Four other women have recently been murdered by their families because they were raped. The Christian Coptic community – perhaps 10 per cent of the Egyptian population – has closed itself off from any "honour" killing investigations even though Christian girls have been murdered because they wanted to marry Muslim men. "Christians cannot talk about this outside the church," Azza Suleiman complains. "We have tried to open up shelters, but the government will not allow it. They say: 'Please, no talk of incest.' And 'honour' crimes are often also related to inheritance."

Now I'm just wondering, Arab Christians have the same names as Muslims (most of them do), so all the times we here about honor killings how do we no its not a Christian committing the crime? After all honor killing does exist in the Bible (Mathew 15:4 and Mark 7:10).

Thursday, November 3, 2011

California Pastor arrested for molesting preteen girl

SAN DIEGO - A one-time Marine who founded an Oceanside church was behind bars today on suspicion of having a two-year sexual relationship with a preteen Riverside County girl.

Matthias Anderson, 41, was arrested at the alleged victim's Murrieta home Tuesday morning and booked on suspicion of unlawful sex with a minor and lewd acts with a child under 14.

The girl and her mother are members of New Wine Ministries Church, which Anderson started in 2002 while stationed at Camp Pendleton, according to Murrieta police Sgt. Phil Gomez. Anderson has since retired from the military and become a full-time minister, the sergeant said.

The alleged victim and her mother, whose names have not been released, came forward recently with accusations that the pastor had been molesting the girl since 2009, Gomez said.

"The sexual relationship ... occurred multiple times in both Riverside and San Diego counties," Gomez alleged.

Anderson, who lives in Hemet, allegedly would pick the girl up at her home and take her to another location to have sex with her, the sergeant said.

"Based on the investigation, detectives believe there is a possibility of additional victims in the Oceanside area," he said.

Anderson was being held in lieu of $1 million bail at Southwest Detention Center in Murrieta

Archbishop in Tunisia tells Europe not to fear political Islam

TUNIS – Following the electoral victory of Islamists in Tunisia’s first democratic elections, the country’s archbishop is urging the West not to fear the rise of Islamists to the helm of power in the Arab world.

“If they held free and democratic elections in any Arab country at this moment, Islamic inspired parties would win," said the Archbishop of Tunis, Migr Maroun Elias Lahham, reported MISNA news agency.

"This has happened in Tunisia and will probably happen in Egypt, but it should not lead to fears and concerns.”

Islamic-leaning Ennahda party won most votes in last month’s first election in Tunisia since the ouster of president Zine Al-Abidine Ben Ali earlier this year.

The election will result in an assembly which will write the country’s new constitution and set the date for presidential elections.

"The vote is laden with symbols for Tunisia,” Lahham said.

“It was the first country to revolt against decades of a dictatorship disguised as democracy or otherwise accepted by the West. Tunisia was also the first country in the so-called Arab Spring to take a process of transition."

Lahham believes that Ennahda won the polls, thanks to its struggle against Ben Ali’s regime as well as to its electoral campaign.

“Members suffered persecution through the years, and the party became the bearer of values ​​felt by all,” he said.

Ennahda is led by Rachid Ghannouchi, forced into exile in Britain for 22 years because of harassment by Ben Ali's police.

Ghannouchi is at pains to stress his party will not enforce any code of morality on Tunisian society, or the millions of Western tourists who holiday on its beaches.

He models his approach on the moderate party of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.

Democratic Islamists

The Archbishop of Tunis opines that Islamists will emerge the biggest winners in any democratic elections in other Arab countries.

“I think that in Egypt, the Islamic parties will also do well in elections... And if one day they vote in Libya, there will probably be the same scenario,” he said.

Egyptians will go to polls on November 28 in their first elections since the ouster of president Hosni Mubarak in February.

The Muslim Brotherhood, long oppressed under Mubarak, is expected to emerge the biggest winner in the election.

"The point is not, however, that an Islamic party governs, but rather what kind of Islam. Tunisian Islam is not Sudanese Islam, it is not Iranian nor is it Egyptian,” Lahham said.

“Probably in Egypt, the situation would be different, but there is something new now that any party or coalition that wins power must remember. The street has shown that it is capable of rebelling against dictatorship and those who fail to respect democracy will likely face the same end. It is this challenge which now faces Tunisia.”

The Archbishop of Tunis advises the Europeans not to fear Islamists.

"Europe must have a new and different approach to the realities that are taking shape in the southern shore of the Mediterranean: just as it has had parties of Christian inspiration, it must not place conditions that compromise governments featuring parties of an Islamic inspiration,” he said.

“Islam can be democratic and Ennahda has been asked to demonstrate that.”

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Twelve year old girl beaten by father with belt for not accepting Jesus

A few years old, but the Christian media continues to ignore their own teachings and attack Islam.

PORT ST. LUCIE — He struck his 12-year-old daughter with belts because she lied, because her homework was incomplete and because “it is stated in the Bible that it is OK to spank your children,” the father told police.

The girl said she was beaten for not reading well enough, for using slang, and for “not accepting Jesus into her heart,” police reported.

After the statements, police over the weekend arrested Michael C. Bilodeau, 48, of Coral Springs, on felony charges of aggravated child abuse and neglect of a child. He was released Sunday from the St. Lucie County jail on $10,000 bail. He declined to discuss the charges on Monday.

The case began Friday night when police responded to a report of a girl begging for money outside the Walgreen Drug Store at Southwest Port St. Lucie and Bayshore boulevards.

The girl told investigators she had been sent from Coral Springs to Port St. Lucie about three years ago to live with family friends “who share the same religious beliefs and values” as her parents.

The girl said she ran away from the Port St. Lucie home about 12:30 a.m. Thursday after being spanked with a belt by a woman in the home. She said she spent the night in a vacant home under construction.

When police took the girl to the Port St. Lucie address, Bilodeau answered the door, saying he had received a call his daughter had run away and had come to Port St. Lucie to look for her.

According to police reports, Bilodeau said the girl had been sent here because she wasn’t doing well in school in Coral Springs, and because the biological mother couldn’t care for her because of “misbehaving.” The girl told police the mother “was addicted to the internet and would ignore her.”

Bilodeau allegedly admitted he “spanked” the girl a few days earlier. He had her undress and lean across a bed, then “struck her several times with a belt,” according to police.

“She needs some discipline,” Bilodeau allegedly told police.

When asked why he ordered the girl to take off her clothes before striking her, Bilodeau allegedly replied that “he wants her to feel the pain,” police reported.

Bilodeau also told police he had given the woman in the Port St. Lucie home permission to spank the girl. He said when the woman spanks the girl the woman calls him “and puts it on the speakerphone so he could listen to the spanking as her witness,” police reported.

Bilodeau told police the local woman spanked the girl four separate times the day before she ran away. Police said they plan to speak with the woman and that the investigation is continuing.

Police said they found old and new bruises to the girl’s legs, back and sides, “consistent with injuries that could be sustained from a belt.” She now is in the custody of the state Department of Children and Families.

“I think the bruises on her body pretty much tell the story,” said Officer Robert Vega, police spokesman. “This is definitely not a situation where it was just parental discipline — these people took it a step further.”

Christian parents in Russia kill their daughter by ripping out her intestines

Yet another Holy Spirit guided honor killing. Remember Mark 7:10 and Mathew 15:4 commands Christian parents to slaughter dishonorable children. As well the Bible tells that a sorceress should be killed: You should not let a sorceress live. (Exodus 22:17 NAB)

MOSCOW - A Russian couple went on trial Tuesday accused of disembowelling their 26-year-old daughter then trampling her to death in a gruesome Christmas eve exorcism.

Investigatoirs said Sergei Koshimbetov, a 49-year-old taxi driver, and 50-year-old Elena Antonova, a teacher, of the central Russian city of Voronezh, tortured their daughter for several hours before killing her on the night of January 7 when Orthodox Russia celebrates Christmas.

On the pretext of "exorcising demons" they first beat up their daughter and tried to force-feed her five litres (11 pints) of what they claimed was "holy water."

"After that, Antonova ripped a part of her daughter's intestine out with her hands," investigators from the Voronezh region said in a statement. "After that the husband and wife trampled her body until she died."

The parents, who deny the killing, were ordered to stand trial despite being deemed mentally ill by psychiatrists, the investigators said. They were expected to be committed to a mental institution.

"I absolutely did not kill her," Antonova said on television. "What I did, I did to her body."

Investigators said the couple insisted they wanted to save her from evil.

"The mother and father believed they were helping their daughter to stop loving her husband, believing him to be Satan," investigator Murat Suroyev said in televised remarks.

When their daughter Alexander stopped breathing, her parents wrapped her in a blanket telling relatives she would be resurrected in three days, state-controlled NTV channel said.

The next day their younger daughter called an ambulance. Medics said they were shocked by the scene.

"The woman was lying in some kind of a crucifix position," paramedic Irina Semirod said.

Citing the findings from the Serbsky psychiatric hospital, investigators said the parents were mentally ill and needed to undergo treatment.

Arriving at the hearing with a Bible, Antonova said she did not understand why she had to be committed.

"How can they send me to a madhouse?" she
said. "I feel fine."

Two Priests took pornographic pictures of young girls

shed: October 14, 2011

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A bishop in the Roman Catholic Church has been indicted for failure to report suspected child abuse, the first time in the 25-year history of the church’s sex abuse scandals that the leader of an American diocese has been held criminally liable for the behavior of a priest he supervised.

The indictment of the bishop, Robert W. Finn, and the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph by a county grand jury was announced on Friday. Each was charged with one misdemeanor count involving a priest accused of taking pornographic photographs of girls as recently as this year. They pleaded not guilty.

The case caused an uproar among Catholics in Kansas City this year when Bishop Finn acknowledged that he knew of the photographs last December but did not turn them over to the police until May. During that time, the priest, the Rev. Shawn Ratigan, is said to have continued to attend church events with children, and took lewd photographs of another young girl.

A decade ago the American bishops pledged to report suspected abusers to law enforcement authorities — a policy also recommended last year by the Vatican. Bishop Finn himself had made such a promise three years ago as part of a $10 million legal settlement with abuse victims in Kansas City.

Though the charge is only a misdemeanor, victims’ advocates immediately hailed the indictment as a breakthrough, saying that until now American bishops have avoided prosecution despite documents showing that in some cases they were aware of abuse.

“This is huge for us,” said Michael Hunter, director of the Kansas City chapter of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, and a victim of sexual abuse by a priest. “It’s something that I personally have been waiting for years to see, some real accountability. We’re very pleased with the prosecuting attorney here to have the guts to do it.” The bishop signaled he would fight the charges with all his strength. He said in a statement: “We will meet these announcements with a steady resolve and a vigorous defense.”

The indictment announced on Friday by the Jackson County prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker, had been under seal since Oct. 6 because the bishop was out of the country. He returned on Thursday night.

In a news conference, Ms. Baker said the case was not religiously motivated, but was about the obligation under state law to report child abuse.

“This is about protecting children,” she said.

If convicted Bishop Finn would face a possible fine of up to $1,000 and a jail sentence of up to a year. The diocese faces a possible fine of up to $5,000.

Ms. Baker said that secrecy rules for grand jury proceedings prohibited her from discussing whether other charges were considered, such as child endangerment, a felony. But she said the fact that the bishop faces a single misdemeanor count should not diminish the seriousness.

“To my knowledge a charge like this has not been leveled before,” she said.

It also may not mark the end of the legal troubles facing the diocese in the case, which includes civil and criminal cases in federal court. Last month Bishop Finn and Msgr. Robert Murphy testified before another grand jury in neighboring Clay County. A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office there declined to comment.

The priest accused of taking the lewd photos, Father Ratigan, was a frequent presence in a Catholic elementary school next to his parish. The principal there sent a letter to the diocese in May 2010 complaining about Father Ratigan’s behavior with children. Then, last December, a computer technician discovered the photos on the priest’s laptop and turned the computer in to the diocese. A day later Father Ratigan tried to kill himself. The diocese said that Monsignor Murphy described — but did not share — a single photo of a young girl, nude from the waist down, to a police officer who served on an independent sexual abuse review board for the diocese. The officer said that based on the description it might meet the definition of child pornography, but he did not think it would, the diocese said.

Bishop Finn sent Father Ratigan to live in a convent and told him to avoid contact with minors. But until May the priest attended children’s parties, spent weekends in the homes of parish families, hosted an Easter egg hunt and presided, with the bishop’s permission, at a girl’s First Communion, according to interviews with parishioners and a civil lawsuit filed by a victim’s family.

Parents in the school and parishioners — told only that Father Ratigan had fallen sick from carbon monoxide poisoning — were stunned when he was arrested in May after the diocese called the police. He was indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of taking indecent photographs of young girls.

The new indictment released on Friday said that Bishop Finn and the diocese had reason to suspect that Father Ratigan might subject a child to abuse.

It cited “previous knowledge of concerns regarding Father Ratigan and children; the discovery of hundreds of photographs of children on Father Ratigan’s laptop, including a child’s naked vagina, upskirt images and images focused on the crotch; and violations of restrictions placed on Father Ratigan.”

Bishop Finn said in his statement on Friday that he and the diocese had given “complete cooperation” to law enforcement. He also pointed to steps he had taken since the scandal first became public, including commissioning a report to look into the case, and reinforcing procedures for handling allegations of abuse.

That report found that the diocese did not follow its own procedures. It also found that Bishop Finn was “too willing to trust” Father Ratigan.

The case has generated fury at the bishop, a staunch theological conservative who was already a polarizing figure in his diocese. Since the Ratigan case came to light, there have been widespread calls for him to resign.

Contributing to the sense of betrayal is the fact that only three years ago, Bishop Finn settled lawsuits with 47 plaintiffs in sexual abuse cases for $10 million and agreed to a list of 19 preventive measures, among them to immediately report anyone suspected of being a pedophile to the law enforcement authorities.

France may be the only country where a bishop has been convicted for his failure to supervise a priest accused of abuse, said Terrence McKiernan, president of, a victims’ advocacy group that tracks abuse cases.

A grand jury in Philadelphia indicted a top official in the archdiocese there, Msgr. William Lynn, for mishandling cases of abuse. The former archbishop, Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua, was not indicted, but he has been called to testify.