Monday, October 10, 2011

Oklahoma Youth Pastor arrested for raping several young girls

Rogers County Sheriff's Office arrested 39-year-old Joe Cheater Jr. on five counts of sexual related felony charges Friday afternoon. Cheater is a youth pastor for Catoosa area churches. Several female children between the ages of nine and 14 have come forward about Cheater. He is charged with two counts of first degree rape, and three counts of lewd and indecent proposals or acts with children under 16.

Rogers County neighbors are shaken up after hearing about Cheater’s alleged behavior.
“It's disgusting,” says resident Nathan Bradshaw. “It's really disappointing.”

“If he is guilty I think it's appalling,” says another resident Doug Quinn.

“What a sick individual who preys on young children,” says Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

Sheriff Walton says this investigation started months ago but after another victim came forward, deputies had enough evidence to support arresting Cheater.

“When we think of an innocent precious nine-year-old being victimized by a grown-up it's certainly aggravating,” says Sheriff Walton. “A lot of emotions go through investigators'minds.”

If Cheater's charges are proven true, residents say they want him locked up for good.

“People who get into a position of power like that and have a lot of people's trust, and they abuse it,” says Bradshaw.

“He is someone we put our trust in as far as our children and stuff and he is supposed to be setting an example not betraying people's trust,” says Quinn. “I pray that that never happens.”

Cheater is booked into the Rogers County jail in Claremore. His bond is set at $450,000.

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Anonymous said...

Being that there are no other comments, I don't expect this makes your blog either, However, assuming the author of this Blog will be reading my reply, I will continue.....It is very disrespectful the way you Title this blog, especially towards Christians. Yes, I am a christian, and this story relates to very few people. Sadly in this case, the man was "claiming" to be a Christian, to which I can assure you he is not. Titling this "Why Christianity is the wrong path" is exactly the same as saying "Why being African American is wrong" because a black man robs a store and rapes/shoots the store clerk. Or perhaps titling it "Why being White isn't right" because a politician scams millions of dollars and finally gets caught.....We are both agreed that this story is sickening and disgraceful, but putting the entire belief and christianity on this one man's back is prejudice and couldn't be further from the truth. This man is not a Christian, he is not of God, and he is not someone to portray to others as "how ALL christians act."