Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ghana Pastor arrested for licking female hairdresser's vagina

Kusi Twumasi, the drummer of Pastor Stephen Addy Powell, a pastor with Crown Power Ministries International who has been arraigned for allegedly licking a hairdresser’s vagina under the pretext of praying for her, on Monday testified against his boss.

He told an Accra Circuit Court presided over by Mrs. Georgina Mensah-Datsa, in his examination in-chief led by ASP Sarah Ekua Acquah, that he was the drummer of the church for four months.

According to him, on April 15 2011, while they were at a crusade, the pastor asked which of the church members knew of someone called Nana, to which he responded in the affirmative and said all those he knew with that name were all male.

He said the pastor told him the Nana he was referring to was a lady, adding that he then remembered that the hairdresser, who is the complainant, was called Nana Ama Asabea but told the pastor that she lived faraway at Omanjor.

He said Pastor Addy Powell insisted that he should call her for him because he had a revelation about her.

Kusi, who said he was unemployed, stated that because he did not have call credit on his phone, the accused person gave him his phone to call Nana and when she answered, he handed her over to the pastor who spoke to her.

The witness said after talking to Nana Ama, the pastor gave the phone to him and he told the complainant that he indeed gave the number to the pastor to talk to her.

He stated that the pastor, after the phone call, later told him they should go and see the complainant so the two of them, in the company of a certain lady called Esther, went to see Nana.

He said when they got there, the pastor told them to wait outside for him while he went to see her for a discussion, adding that he was not privy to what took place in the room.

The unemployed man noted that the complainant later called him and Esther to the room, where the pastor asked him to pray and after the prayers, they left. He however noted that on their way, Nana called him through the pastor’s phone and told him to see her later.

He said when he met the complainant, she narrated her ordeal and said she would have the pastor arrested.

Under cross-examination by J.K. Yeboah, the witness said he had worked with the accused person for four months but said he did not always attend crusades with him.

He denied that he was not being truthful to the court.

The case has been adjourned to October 28, 2011.

At the last hearing, the complainant had said the pastor used a white handkerchief to wipe his mouth after he licked her.

The pastor, who has been charged with indecent assault, also told her that if she knew the evil spirit he exorcised from her, she would have been grateful to God.

The hairdresser told the court that on April 15, 2011, at about 1:00p.m, she received a call from the accused person, introducing himself as a pastor and said he was given the number by one of her friends called Twumasi.

She said the pastor, who said he was with Twumasi, gave the phone to her friend who spoke to her, after which the pastor said he had a vision concerning her marriage.

She said he added that he would like to see her but she told him she was not at home and gave him the time she would be there.

According to her, the pastor came to her house and said he had something to tell her so she took him to her room while her sister was in the kitchen, with Twumasi and others who accompanied the pastor waiting for him outside the house.

She said the accused person told her that she had a problem with marriage because she had been spiritually married to a spirit so they had to pray and in the course of the prayers, he asked her to hold him tightly because the spirit behind her woes was in the room.

The complainant noted that the self-styled Pastor Addy Powell later told her to lie in supine position for him to remove something spiritual from her stomach, adding that the pastor used a handkerchief to wipe her face and she became dazed.

The hairdresser said the accused person took advantage of the situation and shifted her panty aside and started licking her but in the process, she regained consciousness and started struggling with him and set herself free.

She said she asked him why he acted the way he did since he did not know her and the accused person knelt down and apologised to her, after which she told him to get up.

The complainant noted that when the pastor stood up, he spat saliva into the white handkerchief he used to wipe her face before she became dazed and told her if she knew the evil spirit he had exorcised from her by his action, she would have thanked him.

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