Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Disney star Selena Gomez recieves death threats from a Christian

Most Al Queda, Taliban and those other so called 'Muslims' who give death threats are also mentally unstable, but why wouldd the media and Christians care? They make money off of this.

Singer-actor Selena Gomez is terrified after she received a death threat. The Los Angeles Police Department’s Threat Management Unit is investigating the matter after Gomez obtained a restraining order against her stalker Thomas Brodnicki. The 46-year-old allegedly told his psychiatrist that he was going to kill the 19-year-old singer after having conversations with god. According to, Gomez is in “extreme fear”.

Gomez’s lawyer Blair Berk claim Brodnicki was picked up for mental evaluation last month after he allegedly threatened to “scratch people’s eyes out on the street”. Detectives are also taking Brodnicki’s threats “extremely seriously” because of his history of mental illness

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