Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pastor rapes his sister-in-law

Notice how in that culture the father would kill his own daughter if she was raped. Hmmm now if this was in a Muslim country....

A woman has been accused of trying to conceal a rape incident involving her husband at her home last Wednesday night.
It is said the woman tried to cover up the rape of her younger sister in fear of their father. However, things did not go as planned. It is said the girl was raped by the woman’s husband, who is also a pastor.
According to a source the girl (16) was visiting her sister, who lives with her husband at Msunduza when she suffered the sexual abuse. It is said after she was raped the sister frantically called her mother and they colluded that the matter be kept a secret.
“Instead of calling the police, she started looking for a car around the neighbourhood but the first one she got was a company car, which could not help her. She eventually got one,” said the source. The car ferried the raped girl together with her sister to hospital, where her plan to hide the rape was foiled by the nurses on duty.
The nurses are said to have demanded a police report of the incident but she could not produce it and they were eventually called.
After they were called, it was discovered that the sister had been trying to cover up the whole rape incident of her younger sibling.
“She told the police she tried to cover up because her father would kill her for allowing her younger sister, who is doing form two, to be raped,” she said. It was also gathered that the girl had left home to visit her sister against the will of her father. When called yesterday, the woman confirmed the incident.
She said she tried keeping the matter under wraps because she feared her father would kick her sister and mother out of their home.
She wondered how the matter leaked to the media because she had made a pact even with the police that it would not be made public.
When questioned further, she confessed that she tried concealing it because her husband was the rapist. Police PRO Superintendent Wendy Hleta confirmed that the man was eventually arrested and charged with rape. “He has already appeared in court,” she said.

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