Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pastor arrested for raping five year old girl

Following the alleged rape case of a 5-year old girl, the matter came up on Saturday 27th August 2011 before Magistrate J. O Wellington at the Freetown Magistrate Court No 2. Led in evidence by Inspector Dunia, the child alleged that one day in the afternoon the accused, Emmanuel Kelly, called her and sexually abused her, after which her stomach started aching and something came out of her.
After the incident, she was afraid to tell her mother but while her mother was taking her bath she tried to clean her private part properly but she was feeling pain but her mother suspected that something has happened.
After the testimony of PW1, the mother of the victim then took the witness stand. The woman recognized the accused in the dock as a pastor living in the same area with them.
She recalled the 9th August 2011 at 8:00 pm while she was relaxing her daughter’s hair and washing it, she noticed that when she was going around her private part, she proved reluctant and the mother asked her what happened but she was afraid to talk and after she was threatened by her mother, she finally spilled the beans.
Her mother realized that she was badly damaged and when she started crying, her mother called her father to come and see for himself but he vehemently refused.
At around 12:00 pm she continued, “We went to the Congo cross police station, but they said that they don’t have family support unit at that station” therefore she was sent to the Lumley police station where she made a statement.
She was later given a medical paper which she used to take the child to the hospital and was examined and proper care was taken of her. The accused was arrested on that day and taken to the Lumley police station.
The matter was adjourned to Saturday, 3rd September 2011.

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