Friday, September 16, 2011

16 Filipino Christian women embrace Islam in Dubai

DUBAI — The department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities in Dubai on Wednesday saw the conversion of 16 women into Islam.

According to a senior official at the department, the new converts are all Asians and mostly from the Philippines.

“The new Muslims willingly approached the department to officially declare Shahada (conversion words) believing that Islam is the true religion and reason for happiness in life and the Hereafter,” said Dr Omar Al Khatib Assistant Director General of the Department.

The Islamic Department in Dubai, paying much attention to new Muslims, explains and educates them on how tolerant and merciful Islam is. “We develop their awareness about the new religion; its teachings and principles in an attractive, persuasive and gentle way as instructed in the Holy Quran.”

As per official statistics, Dubai hosts expatriates from around 204 nationalities. “Our staff preachers and counsellors, who speak 11 languages, including English, French and Asian languages, simply brief people about Islam in shopping centres, hospitals and community gatherings,” Dr Al Khatib said.

New Muslims also join courses on the five daily prayers which top the most pivotal pillars of Islam. “They learn how to perform Prayers as instructed by Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him),” he added.

Aisha Al Kash, Head of Religious Cultivation and Counselling Section, said the converted women were touched by the special treatment they received from both Muslim Emiratis and expatriates. “They have felt no discrimination here based on religion, colour, language, country, or ethnic backgrounds,” she said.§ion=theuae

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