Friday, August 19, 2011

Michelle Bachmann campaign official spent time in jail for terrorism against homosexuals

Meet Peter Waldron, the Michele Bachmann staffer widely credited with being responsible for securing the Christian voters that led to Bachmann winning the Iowa Straw Poll last weekend. You’ve probably never heard of him before, because he’s spent a good portion of the past number of years in Africa.

Or rather, in jail in Africa. For terrorism.

Waldron, who posed as an American CIA agent (He’s not one.) while in Uganda, worked extensively with David Bahati and Pastor Martin Ssempa to promote the country’s internationally-decried Kill The Gays Bill – the piece of legislation seeking to punish homosexuals with the death penalty.

At some point during his pretend spy games or his campaigning to round up and kill off all of Uganda’s LGBT citizens, Waldron was arrested for illegal possession of assault rifles and ammunition just days before the country’s first multi-party election in two decades. Now what on earth would a good ol’ Christian fella need assault rifles for on election day?

Waldron was charged with terrorism, and locked in jail for 37 days until the Bush administration intervened and had him set free in 2006.

Which bring us to today. Peter Waldron has been hired to serve as a senior staff member for Michele Bachmann‘s presidential campaign. Again, a convicted terrorist who advocates the murder of an entire country’s LGBT population, and who allegedly planned on getting all assault rifle-y on election day has been hired by Michele Bachmann to help her win the American presidential election.

No – seriously.

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