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The embarassing lies of Islam Watch! (Part 1)

So we all know Christians love resorting to hate sites, and they get a lot of their material from them. It's amazing how much these people are willing to lie right infront of our faces.

So this article here: deals with honor killings and the author tries his best to make it all the more Islamic. This article reads just like wikipedia, with a lot of POV, unsourced, and plain stupidity. There is no such thing as 'family honor' in Islam, it appears nowhere in the Quran or Hadith, so I suggest these morons get a new excuse.

Hundreds of women get shot, burned, strangled, stoned, poisoned, beheaded or stabbed every year in Muslim inhabited countries because their male relatives believe their actions have soiled the family name. They die so that family honour may be preserved. According to tribal and religious culture a woman is a man's possession and a reflection of his honour. It is the man's honour that gets tarnished if a woman is 'loose'. Being killed deliberately and brutally is, in fact, a price that victims pay for attempting to practice their minimal human rights.

One thing that should be mentioned is that the country of India leads the world in honor killings ( by a long shot. And I'd says 70% are comitted by Hindu's (though many hindu organizations and groups high disaprove of this act). If we look at the articles they all have a theme. A woman marrying someone her family doesn't approve of. What the Westerners interpret is completely different. Like they'll think the girl secretly dated the boy or something. Well dating in most parts of India (the less Westernized ones) is unheard of, and a majority of the marriages are done arranged. The values of India, especially around the tribal regions are very different from the West.

Both India and Pakistan, as well as some Arab countries still have the class system (100% UN-ISLAMIC). It's dishonarble for a tribe member to mingle with a member of a lower tribe. This is the most frequent theme in honor killings.

Another thing that should be noted is that MEN and BOYS are also frequently killed in honor crimes. So it's not just limited to females.

Because the concepts of male honour and female subservience are deeply ingrained in Islam and in tribal culture, honour killings have become commonplace in Arab and Middle Eastern countries, in other Muslim inhabited countries and Muslim immigrant communities in the West.

Uh no, I find no evidence of such in the Quran or Hadith and its strange the author never provides and Quran verses or Hadiths. While its true due to CULTURE there is that male honor thing, it has nothing to due with Islam.

Frequently, honour killings are conducted in an even more calculated manner. In the patriarchy/religion-ridden society where a woman's honour is a family's only measurable commodity, male family members and elder women gather to vote on the death of women. They also decide who will carry out the killing, usually someone under the age of 18 who will be treated more leniently under the law. Murderers walk almost free, no witnesses speak, so the court has to believe what the perpetrator says, and he gets the minimum charge, although it is homicide and it is calculated and is in cold blood.

How does this guy get all this inside info? Because he doesn't, he's from Islam Watch. And thats really wierd because of all the honor killings in the West have been done by males OVER the age of 18.

Is this the stone age? Courts look at DNA, motives, the interogation of witnesses and suspects etc, they don't just immediately decide that the killer is free.

The articles regarding honour killing in the penal codes of the Middle Eastern countries conform to or are influenced by the Islamic Shari'a Law. These articles are found in the penal codes of majority of Arab and Middle Eastern countries. Article 562 in Lebanon (abolished in February 1999), Article 340 in Jordan, Article 548 in Syria, Article 153 in Kuwait, Article 237 in Egypt, Article 309 in Iraq, Article 334 in the United Arab Emirate, Article 70 in Bahrain, Article 179 in Iran before 1979, Articles 418-424 in Morocco, and Article 252 in Oman. Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Sudan, Pakistan and Qatar apply the Islamic Shari'a law.

Now this part really made me chuckle. So much that I recall I even slapped my knee once. Firstly, Syria is a secular country with no Sharia. The same with Jordan. And Lebanon is a Christian country. But the thing about Lebanon is that Hezbollah is very active into denouncing honor killings and the sprirtual leader has called for severe punishments for those who commit such crimes. And just a little note, Sharia had little to do with creating penal codes, many Arab countries use the Napolian Code (who btw was a Christian).
Now what made me laugh was the fact that this author blindly labeled articles of several countries, but how true are they?

ARTICLE 153 of KUWAIT (from

No monopoly may be granted except by a law and for a limited period.

Wait what? Oh my God how dare they put such a degrading thing in their constitution! This goes against women's right!!

ARTICLE 237 of EGYPT (from

Oh, um the egyptian constitution only goes up to Article 184.

ARTICLE 309 of IRAQ (from

Oh um the Iraqi constitution only goes up to Article 139.

ARICLTE 334 of UAE (from

Oh um actually the UAE constitution only goes up to 12 articles.


No law shall be promulgated unless approved by both the Consultative Council and the Chamber of Deputies, or the National Assembly as the situation demands, and ratified by the King.

Wait, what?

ARICLTE 179 of Iran- Hmmm dear author what happened in Iran at this time? Oh ya the friggin ISLAMIC REVOLUTION, where MULLAH'S cam into power. They created ISLAMIC banking, ISLAMIC shooling, an ISLAMIC constitution, an ISLAMIC dress code. So because they came to Islam, all non-Islamic things were forbidden.

Now as for Morocco, that is just like Syria and Jordan. These so called Muslim countries of Tunisia, Jordan, Syria, Morocco, and Algeria are secular Muslim countries with no dress code, gambling and alcohol and prostitution legalized (you find strip clubs right nxst to mosques). Any attenpt to label these countries as 'Islamic' is sheer blasphemy. Oman is an ibadi country, a heretical sect of Islam. So any argument fails about Oman.

The author then listed some Muslim countries, yet NONE of their constitutions or penal codes condone honor killings. The author thought we'd fall into his moronic trap of false claims, so he just was like 'what the heck' and threw in a few more Muslim countries, thinking we'd see a pattern (though as we clearly saw this author cannot read nor count properly, maybe thats why he's so ill upon Islam). Oh and can the author find me a SINGLE honor killing in Iran, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt, Maldives, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia or Brunei?

Judges and police officers have been known to side with the "wronged" man. Judges usually look for justifiable excuses to exonerate the killers. It is ironic that society denies women certain rights under the pretext that they are emotional beings and may become irrational when under pressure, while resorting to the "emotion argument' as an excuse for men's behavior in 'honour crimes'. A man is not accused of adultery unless the act occurs in the marital home, and if there is proof of adultery, the punishment must not exceed six months imprisonment.

Yeah thats no wrong I'm not even gonna respond to this. Can we all see a pattern from this fool (may Allah guide him btw)? He's pulling all of this outta his arse!! He's CLEARLY making stuff up right infront of our eyes!!

No Muslim is allowed to take the law into his/her own hands, thats a grave sin to do so. All the honor killings have happened because families decided to create their own judgments (and of course we know the reasons for honor killing are totally haraam). Only top Islamic authorities can carry out punishments, NO one else is allowed to. Many non-Muslim haters complain that Muslims in the west bring sharia into their own hands, that's just unislamic. Again, ONLY top Islamic authorities from ISLAMIC COUNTRIES are allowed to make judgements on criminal issues.

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