Friday, August 19, 2011

Does any sane person believe in Pamela Geller?

Besides David Wood and a handful of christian apologists, nope. Crazy woman, I swear she's got some mental problem.

A few months ago, a Kazakh diplomat (who has been labeled as mentally unstable) pulled out a knife and wanted to be taken to Libya. His name is Valery Tolmachev, and thats actually a Christian name. 30% of Kazakhs are Christian. So this was no muslim terrorist, it was a christian one and sites like atlas and bare naked islam labeled this guy a Muslim. Funny, Pamela said the odds of this guy being methodist is 10:1. Well I guess its our lucky day because he's a holy spirit guided christian.

*UPDATE barenakedislam has now removed there article on valery, guess they can't handle all the 'christianphobes'.

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