Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Christian supremacist site threatens to report me!

So I'm sure you've al heard about the site Religion News Blog. It's a site that reports about other Religions in the world. They've for years put good news about Christianity and negative news about Islam. Every time they slander against the Quran and the Prophet. So I've contacted them about 6 times (so has Amy), and this is the last message I sent them:

I don't understand why you continue to thrwo in your own 2 cents and
blatantly lie about Islam. Not a week goes by with you commenting on a
Muslim issue by attacking the Quran and the Prophet Muhammed. I've
sent numerous emails before and you continue to ignore them and resort
back to your lying (actually Philippians 1:18 lets you lie, cheat and
decieve for Christ). And I'd like to thank you for showing us all how
Christianity treats other religions, no wonder people are leaving that
faith like crazy.

The very next day they came back:

I have warned you before, and I will do so one more time. Any further contact from you will be considered harassment, and will be reported as such to Google and your Internet provide Shaw.

Our previous answer to you:

Our Muslim friends include two imams. They are well-informed about Islam, and they are respected members of the Muslim community here. We have shown them your emails and they apologize for the bad attitude you display.

On their advice we suggest you do not contact us again.

Further communication from you will be considered to be harassment, and will be reported as such -- both to Google and at Religion News Blog.

Then you can find my response in a reply I sent them:

Oh? So now you're threatening me? I severely doubt you have 2 imaams right beside you. Go ahead report me, they'll cancel your complaints on the basis of no credibility. And please stop. I have NEVER recieved an email or reply from you. You continue to lie about Islam so you're threatening me? You really think I believe those 2 imaams are letting you make stuff up about the Quran and hadith? You think you're fooling us when you say this and that about the Quran? Wow, what professionalism huh?

Plain and simple, NO ONE is believing what you say about Islam. And linking to hate sites such as Jihadwatch, Thereligionofpeace and Answering Islam only further proves your intelligence.

I honestly don't care if you report me, I'll just do the same. Thats funny, make stuff up about Islam then threaten someone who tries to correct your ill views. Thanks for showing me what you're really made of. I'll be showing this email to my Christian friends, in oder to guide them to Islam.

BTW Philippians 1:18 lets Christians lie, cheat and decieve for Christ. You're certainly doing a good job.

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