Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pakistani Christians threaten and torture Muslim converts

See Yahya Snow's take on this:

So wheres Fox news? Where's David Wood? On Yahya's blog, there's a frequent spammer who calls him self 'Radical Moderate'. He's a close ally of Wood and Sam Shamoun. Here's what he had to say on this: LOL the desperation, its possible, this happened but I doubt it. So notice how he laughs at this and doesn't even condemn the actions of those crazy fanatical Christians.

PESHAWAR: Asghar Maseeh Bhatti, who along with his wife and three children embraced Islam recently, has appealed to the authorities to protect him from the injustices of his elders and rivals.

Talking to reporters outside the Peshawar Press Club on Friday, Asghar Maseeh, now Sheikh Abdur Rehman, showed signs of torture on his body, saying that his elders had not only expelled him from service but also tortured him for embracing Islam.

Sheikh Abdur Rehman, who has done his FSc, said he decided to embrace Islam after listening to speeches of Maulana Tariq Jamil and Dr Zakir Naik. His wife, whose new name is Bibi Zainab, also agreed but now her parents and elders of the community were creating hurdles for them by dragging them in the court of law.

“Bibi Zainab also recorded her statement in the court that she was willing to live with me,” he said, adding that their elder daughter Amisha Asghar Bhatti had been named as Bibi Fatima and younger Adisha Bhatti as Bibi Ayesha, while his son Aashar Maseeh was now Abdullah.

He appealed to the chief justice to protect him from the injustices of his elders, including Robert Aiqeul and Robert Paul, who, he alleged, had taken him into their headquarters in Islamabad and tortured him. He said the minorities enjoyed equal rights in the country but they were not ready to accept his decision of embracing Islam.

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