Sunday, June 19, 2011

Is Yahoo Answers censoring anti-Israeli questions?

Now I honestly can't believe this. I asked this question: "Why do Westerners turn a blind eye towards Israel's terrorism?"

So of course there's Zionist Jews and Christians patrolling that site, reporting ALL anti-Israeli questions/comments. According to yahoo rules, if any question is reported more than twice, it's taken down. I can tell you how insulting answers I saw to my question. Saying ohhh how Israel is just killing terrorists and that Palestinians shouldn't even be where they are. I got 14 answers in just 10 minutes.

So I'm going to be asking this question AGAIN to see what happens.

**UPDATE** I asked this very same question again and ONCE AGAIN it got deteletd!!!

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Anonymous said...

it is Hasbara, and Mossad, they do this all day long. They will harass you, have your comments deleted adn then your account taken down. All along they (zionists) post comments like "all moozies should die" or dead arabs are good arabs etc.

There is a double standard. IT is the Jew run zionist owned media that has gotten your tongue. The only hope is to have people wake up and throw them out of offices in the US govt. where they, dual citizen Jews israel firsters make your like hell by doing what is good for Jews and israel... NOT AMERICA.