Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kenyan Police watch as Christian mob murders suspected "witches"

Stuff like this always happens in Kenya (which is 80% Christian}. But you wont hear Christians condemning this. No David Wood, Briggite Gabriel, or Robert Spencer.

A couple accused of witchcraft was killed after the body of an eight-year-boy was discovered in a maize plantation Monday morning in Nyahera Village, Kisumu.

Residents were shocked when they found the partly mutilated body dumped in a maize plantation.

Although circumstances under which the child died were not immediately established, enraged villagers descended on the man and his wife, who they suspected of causing the boy’s death.

Residents stormed the home of the suspects where they argued with the man before killing him. They then turned on his wife.

The enraged mob thereafter torched the couple’s property. Police officers present during the incident did not intervene.

The deceased, Bonga Osunga had earlier gone to Nyahera Police Post for protection.

"He was escorted to his home by three officers. The crowd overwhelmed the officers and killed him and his wife," said Kisumu North DC Edwin Chabari.

Cocked their guns

One of the enraged villagers hurled a stone at Osunga and another shot him with an arrow as the officers watched from a distance.

They cocked their guns but this did not scare villagers.

Chabari said the mob later cornered Nereah Akinyi, the man’s wife, as she tried to escape and beat her to death.

The mob then cordoned off the couple’s home and set it a blaze. "We unsuccessfully tried to save the couple from the enraged mob," said Chabari.

The DC and the police later patrolled the area to ensure peace prevailed. During the incident, alleged witchcraft paraphernalia was found in the couple’s homestead.

Dan Ochiago, a resident claimed the deceased had been accused of bewitching children in the area.

About two years ago, the suspects had been accused of having a hand in the death of an elderly woman and two children who died in mysterious circumstances. Residents interviewed claimed cases of children disappearing in the village at dawn had increased.

Some of them who had died had their private parts missing and eyes gorged out. After the incident, one woman celebrated saying the village was free from witchcraft.

"We will sleep without fear from today," she shouted.

Cases of suspected witches being lynched without incriminating evidence have been on the increase in the area lately.

Police said they are investigating the incident and they will arrest and charge those responsible for the deaths and arson.

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