Saturday, May 28, 2011

Christian Preacher disguises himself as a Muslim...then makes a fool of himself

Please note 1 Corinthians 9:19-23 gives Christians the right to disguise themselves as a member of a group they're trying to evangelize. Paul in that verse acted as a Jew to lure Jews to Christianity.

Even though the Preacher misquoted the Bible, and got embarassed by the Christians who were listening to him, he was still following 1 Cor 9-19-23.

A self-styled preacher on a Tema-Madina ‘tro-tro’ vehicle made a mockery of himself when a quotation he gave from both the Bible and the Koran turned out to be false.

This happened when a passenger, apparently anxious to contribute to the sermon, asked the preacher to repeat the Bible verse which he quoted.

The preacher, in his early 20s, confidently repeated it, but the passenger surprised him by challenging the correctness of the verse.

A number of passengers who could access the Bible on their mobile phones and others, who had copies of the Holy Book with them, brought them out to verify the preacher’s quotation.

It turned out to be false, and the vehicle was thrown into a state of confusion, with the 30 or so passengers expressing mixed feelings of disappointment and anger at the supposed man of God.

He came under a barrage of chastisement, with both Christians and Muslims on board the vehicle demanding an apology from him and advising him to go back and learn the Holy Book in depth before attempting to preach to the public.

When everybody thought he had accepted his fault, he caused uproar, when some inquisitive passengers asked of his denomination, and he replied that he was a Muslim, but had taken to preaching Christianity as his profession.

That provoked some Muslims to ask him questions about Islam, but he quickly backed down and admitted that he was not a Muslim, and the passengers were rocked with laughter.

Moments later, he asked them to bow their heads for prayers, after which he asked for an offering towards the growth of his ministry.

Nobody minded him again, but for the rest of the journey the issue became the subject of discussion among the passengers.

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