Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tired of Christian attacks against Islam?

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Thank you Christians for attacking Islam. Thank you for exposing the holy spirit inside you. And most importantly thank you for using your bible to support your actions. For centuries Christians have been trying to proselytize Muslims using false methods (found in verses Philippians 1:18 and in 1 Corinthians 9:19-23) however thanks to God they've never achieved success. Absolutely no one can deny that Christians do indeed lie very much about the Muslim faith. And as for Muslims, we have never done such a thing that hurts others. Thankfully most Muslims ignore abusive Christians, and our ministries are nothing compared to theirs. You can do a comparison of Muslim-Christian sites; Muslims are not liars or deceivers.

We carry articles and responses, about and to evangelists (and a few non-Christians), who believe Muslims are literally something foreign and full of mischief. Don't believe us? Refer to the Christian sites below. As everyone knows Christian propaganda is everywhere. We can't go for more than 2 seconds without running into some Christian scheme. The sad thing is not many are aware of their lies about Muslims and our Prophet. There are TV shows, sites, books, pamphlets targeting us. All of it Christian run. There are hundreds of sites on the web attacking Islam. What kind of god would allow it's people to do this?

Christians insist they are loving people (contradictory to their scriptures), yet their attacks and hate on our Prophet and our holy book is just simply annoying. When you choose to ignore Muslims and blindly follow anti-Islamics that is the same thing as lying/hating. Its obvious Christians only love when you agree with their pseudo ideology.

Muslims and non-Muslims, remember we are the ones who pray 5 times a day, read the Quran daily and fast. Shouldn't we be preaching Islam instead of Christians? Missionaries and Evangelists love it when a bomb goes off, when an 'honor killing' occurs (interesting to know, Jesus himself commanded children who dishonour their parents to be killed in Mathew 15:4 and Mark 7:10) and just basically when a person with a Muslim name does something. It's because it helps their ministry. They don't care for the victims, due to the obvious fact that Islam bashing is a VERY BIG business that's extremely easy to do. Below some major Christianofascist/Christian-supremacist sites that get all the attention about Islam. Notice the riddled amount of inconsistencies and contradictions they present. None of these sites have any scholarly backing; they're only self assured by Christians. The over-exaggerations, paranoia and flat out lies, quite humorous. And just a little warning, some of these sites are very sick (as noted by several non-Muslim academics): (A Christian site that's copied that colours, texts and design or the Islamic response site Answering Christianity) (Cute children's site. Is this what they teach to kids in churches?)

There is nothing wrong if Christian sites just challenged Muslims (instead of ignoring us) or shared their view in a fair, professional and mature manner, but that isnt the case with these sites above. There wouldn't be a problem if these Christian sites didn't make up stories or re-interpet Quran verses and hadiths. Nor would there be a problem if Christians openly claimed they stood corrcted on certain misconceptions. But again, that's not the case with those sites. There's many Christian sites that have articles on Islam but they're neutral and fair and admit when they're wrong. These sites we have no issue with. And PS, don't bother commenting in the sections of those sites. You'll get harassed and outflooded with Christian attacks. Now look at these lie-misconception destroying sites. Not only do they refute but also help people recognize why Islam is the right path, furthermore reminding Muslims about salvation. And too bad they get no attention:

Some Q and A/Dawah sites (formerly Islamonline, it is a high ranking site we really recommend) (aka the Islamic Institute of Toronto) (run by

There is no doubt Islam is the truth. Unfortunately miscons and lies get in the way. Prophecies, miracles, science, math, wisdom, equality, governing, tolerance, pluralism, kindness and love is all in Islamic scriptures. God knows whats good and whats bad for us and it's a shame many Christian's, even some Muslims and obviously some Muslim countries fail to recognize this. Lets look into the Quran and Hadith. Without Islamic knoweledge you are lost. You will either be a hating Christian (which is equivalent to binge drinking, gambling, adultery) or even a suicide bomber. The facts and figures of God's final path are all available, we just need to pray for that "guidance" part.

The one's who rejected Islam are clearly visible. There's so many errors and faults in Western Society, because of that freedom ideology. Teen pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, adultery, depression, high rape and murder rates, domestic violence etc. Everything Islam forbids has the West at a prime example (which ironically is built upon Christian values).

Also there is no point in trying to evangelise us. We already know what the bible says and we know the abuse Muslims have to handle because of the holy spirit. We do not trust it, we don't trust the unknown authors, the many vulgar parts about women (see our other blog) and non-Christians (Mathew 7:6 calls non-christians dogs and pigs, Luke 19:27 says to kill those who don't call Jesus king), nor the mythical concept of god dying for "sins". We know the bible is full of errors. Contradictions, false prophecies and science wise. And, it's well known the books of Mathew, John, Luke and Mark are too ambiguous. Would God really send a book like this for mankind to follow? And let it be known we do not detest (nor should any Muslim) anyone who critisizes Islam. Furthermore we shouldn't stress about all the abuse and harassment we face because verse 16:127 tells Muslims to ignore the actions of them and be patient (note: This verse can refer to anyone (Jews, Hindu's Atheists and even to non-practicing Muslims that defame our religion). Meaning not to take them personally or seriously because God will deal with them. These people are still creations of God and they might turn out Muslim one day. Hater's throughout time have been guided by God. We can only pray and do what we can, leaving everything else for our creator to handle.


Anonymous said...

"And as for Muslims, we have never done such a thing that hurts others." - What a load of bollocks! Get a life! You really are an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you don't have to blindly assume he was generaliziing on all Muslims, but you could give benefit of doubt. Secondly, we could do the same thing with you, by assuming your disagreement was generaliziing on all Muslims, or we can give benefit of doubt not that you weren't generaliziing on all Muslims.

Also, you could add these sites to the list:

Also, you added :

twice in the list.

Anonymous said...

I actually tryed to check just for the fun of it...but my browser warned me of potential viruses -_- if only they even cared about what Jesus (PBUH) says...