Friday, April 22, 2011

Pastor arrested for licking a woman's vagina

The Odorkor Police have arrested a Pastor of Crown Power Church at Omanjor, near Sowutuom, Stephen Andy Pori, for allegedly licking the private part of a 30-year-old woman at Sowutuom, a suburb of Accra.

A 30-year-old trader (name withheld), told Asempa News that about a week ago, she received a call from the pastor who claimed to have received a revelation about her and wanted to pray for her for healing.

According to the lady, the pastor asked for the direction to her house at Sowutuom, which she obliged.

The pastor, upon reaching the house allegedly asked two other people who accompanied him to the house - a lady and a gentleman - to wait for him outside whilst he entered the lady's room ostensibly to pray for her.

The lady claimed that because she was in her house, she was wearing a mini dress when the pastor entered and told her to lie down for prayers.

She added that in the course of the prayer, the pastor allegedly tried inserting his finger into her vagina.

Initially, she said, she resisted the pastor's advancement, but she was overpowered by him and he pounced on her and started doing his own thing.

“I struggled with him, freed myself and then I rushed to tell the gentleman who accompanied the pastor to the house, and I went to report him to the Police at Anyaa,” the victim narrated to Asempa News.

The Odorkor Police have confirmed the story but said they are still investigating the case.


Rebecca said...

It's kind of silly of you to say that Christianity is wrong because of people's sin. One could say that about any religious group, because there are bad people all around the world.

Your blog kind of works against you in that it actually shows how much we do need Christ to be our savior to save us from our sins and ourselves. Because obviously, we as humans cannot live perfect lives.

When one starts neglecting their relationship with Christ, they start giving into their own sin nature, and your blog shows what happens next.

Ali said...

Rebecca, please see the purpose of this blog. This is all a response to missionary claims. Perhaps you should tell your Christian friends to stop lying about and scapegoating Muslims

abraham said...

september 11th! Darfur!Enough said!

Anonymous said...

Anyone can be tempted to sin from any position in any religion. We Christians are also human we just choose to accept Jesus's free gift of eternal life. No matter how much anyone tries not to, everyone will at least sin once in there life. I know Jesus will forgive me if make a mistake and sin.

Anonymous said...

Oh I would have laid thete and let him lick my pussy....i would have climaxed all over his tongue twice.

Joseph said...

Pls give Rebecca a break. We must defend the Christianity even if our last drop of blood.
Some ppl have really died for it; have u easily forgotten our saviour Jesus? The caption is wrong even though the pastor didn't do well.

Joseph said...

Ali u are my brother regardless of religious differences. After all it's only one heaven we are aiming at. But then let help Rebecca to condemn the caption.