Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spanish Christian arrested for terrorism

The ETA is also a Christian terror group. So probly the other guys are holy spirit fanatics as well.

Spanish police arrested overnight four presumed members of the armed Basque group ETA in the Basque towns of Bilbao and Galdakao, Bizkaia. The group is suspected of being behind the murder of the Spanish policeman Eduardo Puelles killed June 19th, 2009 in Arrigorriaga (Bizkaia).

According to Spanish news agency EFE quoting police sources, the four arrested people were identified as Iñigo Zapirain, Beatriz Etxebarria, Lorena López and Daniel Pastor.

Police found several containers full of chemicals used to make explosives after searching Daniel Pastor's house.

Police suspect the four, who had no prior criminal record, were also linked to other attacks in the Spanish regions of Burgos and Cantabria. The bomb attack against police barracks in Burgos left 65 people injured, 40 days after Puelles was killed.

In another residence located on Bilbao Calle Fica, Police discovered electronic material and other part needed for building bombs.

The Spanish Civil Guard began searching the premises of the arrested suspects at 4am on Tuesday morning.

These latest detentions take the total number of arrests for crimes relating to ETA crimes up to 23 in the weeks since the armed nationalist group declared a permanent, general and verifiable ceasefire.

Spanish Home Office Minister and Government Vice-president, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, was scheduled to offer a statement regarding the arrested at 10.45.

Attacks attributed to the suspects

According to police sources, the four people arrested on Tuesday formed part of a "legal" commando (meaning they were unknown to Police), and stand accused of being involved, though as yet it in unknown to what extent, in the assassination of Police Inspector Eduardo Puelles, ETA's last fatal victim on Basque soil.

It is also believed that they may have collaborated in other attacks, such as those carried out in Burgos and Cantabria around the same time as Puelles was killed. The most serious attack was on a Civil Guard barracks in Burgos on July 29th 2009, just 40 days after the attack on the policeman, when a car-bomb destroyed the police quarters and left 65 people injured.

In May of the same year in Cantabria, a bomb exploded destroying a transmission mast in the town of Guriezo.

The Civil Guard is also considering the theory that the four suspects arrested on Tuesday may have links to three as yet unsolved bombings carried out in Bilbao just a few kilometres from where Puelles was killed.

Eduardo Puelles, ETA's last fatal victim in the Basque Country

Eduardo Puelles was the last and only fatal victim of the armed nationalist group to be killed in the Basque Country during the mandate of the current socialist president of the Basque Country, Patxi López.

Following the assassination of Puelles, ETA killed Carlos Saenz de Tejada and Diego Salvá, two civil guards killed when a car-bomb attached to their police vehicle went off in the Majorcan town of Calviá.

ETA's last fatal victim before they declared the latest ceasefire was French policeman Jean-Serge Nérin who was killed during an exchange of gunfire with escaped members of the armed group in the town of Dammery-les-Lys, on the outskirts of Paris.

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