Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pamela Geller is sexually perverted

Pamela Geller is obviously known for her hatred but a little less for her stupidity. She's been banned from PayPal, declared a hater by many non-Muslim academics Richard Barthomolew and Howard M. Friedman. Her hate site is banned in Canadian Public schools and government offices. And her idiocy is noted by the Southern Poverty Law Centre which has listed her as a hater. She's said for Mecca to be bombed, she supports white supremacy, she supports Stalin ideology of massacering Chechen Muslims, and she thinks Obama is the illegitimate son of Malcom X. She frequently appears on FOX and angerly shouts and anyone who disagree's with her. She's a noted liar, for which go beyond even Christian standards. like She's said Muslim have sex with animals, she says there should be mohammad brand condoms, muslims have fire proof dicks and so forth.
From August 08, she rants on Al Jazeerah (for which she surprisingly named Al Jizz).

Now of course who would be sane enough to follow this psychopaths ideology? Well she's allied with Robert Spencer, an extreme Christian and we've seen David Wood post on her blog before. Actually we've seen David regularily send her tips on his ministry. Like here:

Notice how close the 2 have become. So does David support Pamela's idead? Most likely.
PS Pamela Geller is 54. And she thinks she's cool cuz she uses the letters WTF and "fookin nuts" (here she was talking about a boner).
Please visit Loonwatch that tracks her idiocy and Islamophobia in general.
Isn't this stuff getting out of hand?

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