Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Albany Youth Pastor arrested for luring teen girl

ALBANY, Ore. -- A former youth pastor is accused of sending a teen girl sexually explicit messages. The Willamette Community Church is where 24-year-old Sean Peter Feltmann worked as a youth pastor before resigning January 15th.

"If you can't trust your pastor, who can you trust," said Jon Bloodgood, Willamette Community Church neighbor.

The investigation of Sean Feltmann began in January just days before his resignation.

"When you have a person who's in a position of power and authority, and a youth pastor certainly fits into that category, that's abusing that," said Captain Eric Carter, Albany Police Department.

A 14-year-old girl's parents went to police, Saying their daughter, a member of Feltmann's youth group, told them he'd sent her sexually explicit text and online messages.

"She did the right thing, she made her parents aware of what this communication was," Carter said.

"You know you think about people who are supposed to be in positions of power, that are supposed to be moral leaders, when they do something like that it never gives anybody a good name," said Garwin Hadder, daughter attends Albany Christian School.

Feltmann worked as the director of youth at Willamette Community Church for a year and a half before resigning.

"They're looked up to as role models and leaders in our community. They should be trustworthy people," Bloodgood said.

"Hopefully that your kids are going somewhere safe and that you trust and so when you hear something like that you're concerned," said Lindsey Chronicle, son attends Albany Christian School.

Church leaders issued a statement saying they are saddened by the situation. They say they have, and will fully cooperate with investigators.

Anyone with information regarding Sean Feltmann or any other potential victims is asked to contact the Albany Police Department. Feltmann was released from jail March 7th after posting $2,500 in security.

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