Monday, February 21, 2011

Stupid Pamela Geller, Stupid Robert Spencer

And isn't it weird David Wood and his people support these 2 hucksters?
So I was doing a little research on ibrahim shkupolli, the gunmen in finland who killed 5 people at a mall.
He didn't even scream Allah Akbar and already racist, genocide-denying Pamela Geller and career-home-blogger Rob Spencer had it up on their sites. This guy by the way went on a rampage beacuse he thought his girlfriend had another lover. Hmm girlfriend??? Especiallyy from a non-Muslim country???? Is that the Islam RS and PG are thinking about?

Here's Pamela's take:

How long before the "authorities" trot out the mental illness canard? 5,4,3,2 .....

Yea we already knows she's not funny, and her husbands in jail for murdering 2 cops.

And what about a commenter on her blog?

Nope, that guy has an Albanian moslem name and he is a "refugee" from the moslem terrorist province of Kosovo.
You know the Kosovo that the USA and the EU support as a new islamic country in Europe. Land stolen from Serbia.

Liars and haters is all you find.

And lets switch over from one hate-lying blog to another (Jihadwatch):

Opposing jihad is racism

Of course, we know that all Albanian Muslims are modern, moderate and secular, and so this guy doubtless had some other motive. And maybe he did. But it must be admitted that there is an unusually high correlation between Islamic faith and people who just seem to "snap" and commit random acts of violence

So just because this guy has a arab first name, he must be muslim. Mind you most kosovars and albanians aren't even practicing muslims. Both countries have bars, nightclubs etc

Rob Spencer is a staunch Catholic. Is it the holy spirit syndrome again??

PS one of Rob Spencer's friends, and an editor at JihadWatch is named Raymond Ibrahim. If he went on a shooting rampage, do you think Spencer would post it on his blog? Probably, these bloggers aren't always the brightest.

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