Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pastor rapes and infects 11 year old girl with HIV

A 52-year-old pastor will serve 50 years in jail after he pleaded guilty to have defiled an orphaned pupil and infected her with HIV/aids.

Marcus Ondiegi was charged that on April 23, in Nyakwadha Village, Ndhiwa district in Homa Bay County, he defiled an 11-year-old class four pupil at Wikoteng’ Primary School who was staying with the grandmother after demise of her parents.

On the fateful day, according to Prosecutor Chief Inspector Edward Etaye, the accused visited the home of the minor’s grandmother and cheated them that he wanted to offer a special prayer to the girl.

He told the grandmother about his prophesy that the granddaughter would one day become insane if special prayers were not offered to ward off the hovering bad spirits that were to attack her.

On hearing this, the grandmother, who trusted the man of God, released the only granddaughter to him for one-week special prayer session at the pastor’s home.

The grandmother then gave Shs 40 to the innocent minor as fare to the pastor’s abode.

Narrating the ordeal in court, the victim said after reaching the man’s home, there were no prayers offered instead the accused waited till night when he went with her to his bedroom and defiled her repeatedly.

The following morning, he locked the girl in his house as he went on with his normal duties. But every night he would come back and continue to defile the girl.

This happened for six days until April 29 when the minor escaped to a nearby Mbeka market but by now, as medical tests proved, she had already contacted HIV.

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