Thursday, February 17, 2011

Noureen Dewulf admits she's not Muslim

Those who are non-practicing Muslims frequently get featured in the Western media. Christian sites love noting facts like how these so called people are "Muslim". It's all about teasing us.
Noureen Dewulf is a model and actress, and engaged to Ryan Miller, the starting goaltender for the Buffalo Sabers. Dewulf was born and raised in New York and featured in films like West Bank Storey, a movie about an Israeli soldier who falls on love with a Palistinian women (interesting to know, many Jewish groups critisized the movie, saying Jews do not marry/date Arabs).
So anyways she's often tagged as a follower of Islam. She's said she was brought up in a strict household. Funny, a "strict" Muslim household means you know what the Quran and Hadith say. Apparently her clothing didn't think so, and neither do her actions.

So here's a quote from her, and I actually got some relief:

"I’m hugely spiritual, but I hesitate to claim religion. In every faith there are fanatics and liberals. Same in Islam. Unfortunately, extreme radicals have attacked the US. I’m 100 percent American – I get teary at the National Anthem. There’s no way to justify anything bad that happens to our country. But I did grow up in a strict Muslim household. I wasn’t allowed to talk to boys on the phone, and couldn’t watch The Cosby Show ‘cos they were dating in it."

You know, not being able to talk to boys has NOTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION. Last time I checked, most fathers and brothers in the West are quite hesitant about who their daughters and sisters talk to and go out with. It's in a man's nature to be protective of women they care about.
Dunno what the Cosby show is, but don't most kids shows have dating in it?

Another question I have, if the family was sooo strict, why the hell do they not give a (expletive word) about her bikini shoots or her engagement to a non-Muslim?
Furthermore I've a hard time believing her family was strict if they didn't let her watch a show, but are fine with her clothing?


Anonymous said...

Maybe because she is now a grown woman with her own life and career separate from her parents? That's what happens when people grow up you know, they get to choose what lifestyle and religion (if any) they wish to follow.

Any parents who still thinks they can dictate what their adult daughter wears and who their grown up daughter marries has obvious control issues.

Ali said...

dear anonymous,

i was simply questioing noureen's parents version of islam. that's it. it's obvious the family hasn't read the Quran.
so you're saying if a person gets raised a good life by their parents and when they're older they want to kill, their parents should have no say? they shouldn't care? no this is not the animal kingdom where males and females are on their own after a certain age.
funny, most non-muslims in the west are quite hesitant of whom their daughters marry.

if noureen or any other muslim wants to do whatever they feel like, then we as muslims have a duty to help them get back on the right path. if they STILL want to live their own life, then we're told to leave them alone.

though in noureen's case, she openly denounces Islam.



Anonymous said...

How is saying ' (personally) she claims no religion' openly denouncing the religion?

Ali said...

whats the difference? she's not muslim and lets leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

Ali you are a complete moron. She chose this life. Her parents have no say, she is a grown woman. This has absolute no meaning on how "Islamic" her parents are. It's an individual choice that she made. You sound like an ignorant man who just puts people in categories, much like the fanatics. Lets get real now. Leave her alone, dont critisize. and go read your Quran since you're such a good Muslim.

Anonymous said...

libral muslim who teach do anything or many hindus or christian have name same as muslim so she can't called muslim she is media product to defame islam

Anonymous said...

really, what business is it of yours or anybody's what she is or is not in terms of faith. the fact that she is in show business does not mean she is ok to slander and badmouth. Islam requires taqwa and forbids, any clearly the last anonymous of #4 and the author does not have that, so perhaps stop calling yourselves Muslim. another news flash, there are Arab-Jewish couples outthere. in palestine/Israel and its clearly not easy but can be done. it is clear that anybody who does not agree with you, is not loyal to islam. Obsessing with her religiousness and calling her a media product to defame islam, is sick and not exactly what Islam teaches us to do. Stop slandering, stop backbiting and meddling in other people's personal lives. She answers to Allah only. not you or the Muslim community. And accept that Muslims are not homogenous. Muslims can be different. The fact that she is a grown woman has nothing to do with being animals. Parents raise their kids but at some point people become adults and decide for themselves. Parents can voice their objections but not force their children to do/be anything. fact of life. many Muslim couples struggle with getting their other half accepted by their families daily and the parents/families try to stop them because it isn't the same culture, ethnicity despite them both being Muslims. Even islam gives autonomy/decision to the children when they are grown up. I read an interview with this actress where she said that she does not think. her career choice is easy for her parents. Leave her alone and instead of abusing islam to cater for your own illegitemate desires like slander, backbiting, obsessing with the personal lives of others (all haram traits) spend more time actually studying and practising islam. To guide other people when they did not ask for your interference is not your duty. guide yourselves first, Ali and Anonymous #4.or maybe you can guide the sisters who wear figure hugging outfits, paint ton of makeup on their faces while covering their hair. or what about the brothers who go to clubs, drink, sleep around. I am sure they could use your guidance. It has become so easy to just hide behind a computer screen and slander people because they are famous. Many people have strict upbringings but that does not mean they will not choose differently in life. The good thing is they answer to Allah, and so does everybody else. Islam is interpreted differently by all Muslims and that is how the human mind works. you can not conclude from that that the parents did not have a strict household or the kids not a conservative upbringing or that they don't know what the QUran or hadith says. The fact is you cannot know what people think, or their inventions unless you are Allah. show tolerence and write about issues that concern you in a manner where you do not defame, slander or judge. Stop playing God

Koli Mitra said...
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Anonymous said...

It is okay if she don't believe it is her loss. There are millions of Muslims in this world. She will get money fame everything she needs but the day of judgment comes nothing will be helpful.

ab said...

religion is not to smother you and if it does its not a religion..

And thereis huge difference between killing and wearing dress of her own choice.. I do agree she is killing me by her dress or lets say less drss :p @ali

Just a human said...

ISLAM Is Rabies-kind of disease to Humans.