Thursday, January 27, 2011

Methodist Pastor arrested for soliciting a young girl

Pastor Kenneth Kleckner of West Ocala United Methodist Church was arrested Friday and faces one charge of soliciting a minor for sex. He will also face five counts of transmitting harmful material to a minor.

Over the past month, Mr. Kleckner engaged in an online relationship with someone whom he thought was an underage female. Instead, the girl was an Orange County Sexual Offender Squad detective.

Investigators said Kleckner was not secretive about his occupation with the person he met online, however it appears no one in his circle of friends or the church was aware of his alleged online activities.

Detective Philip Graves said the case started in May. Over that time, he solicited the 'teen' several times and exposed his genital area on a live cam numerous times.

The father of four was arrested and booked into the Marion County jail, said Graves.

Graves said Kleckner admitted to chatting with individuals for years, at home, the church and when he was out with his family.

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