Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Evangelist arrested for selling fake insurance

About a year old. Once again, I keep writing about these articles because many Muslims donate to Christian based charities, like the Salvation Army. The money we give goes to Pastor's pockets.

State Police arrested 36-year-old John Vaughn over the weekend.
They say an investigation determined Vaughn illegally obtained a license to sell insurance in Louisiana.
Vaughn allegedly used that license to sell a policy to a fake customer. They say he pocketed the commission.
Vaughn faces the following charges:

East Baton Rouge Parish:
- 2 counts filing false public records
- 1 count identity theft
- 2 counts insurance fraud

Livingston Parish:
- 1 count identity theft
- 1 count bank fraud
- 4 counts worthless checks issued
- 1 felony theft in the amount of $494.98

Jefferson Parish
- 1 count identity theft
- 1 count bank fraud
- 1 count felony theft $19,080

Vaughn is behind bars in Livingston Parish on a $175,000 bail.


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