Monday, January 24, 2011

Church leader arrested for sexually assaulting 14 year old girl

Warrant: Suspect Said He’d Prepare Girl For Boyfriend

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- A Greenville church administrator is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old girl while the teen was a guest in his home last year.

Dantae Stukes, 29, is charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor. The arrest warrant states that between March 1 and May 30, 2009, Stukes convinced the victim to "allow him to engage in sexual intercourse with her in an effort for him to show her what to expect from her boyfriend in the future."

Sgt. Jason Rampey with the Greenville Police Department said the teenager was staying with the Stukes family while her parents were out of town.

"At the time that this happened, she was 14 years of age and that is not the age of consent," Rampey said.

Rampey said the teenager waited nearly a year to report what happened to police.

"In many cases, as in this case, when something like this happens, the victim thinks that they've done something wrong and they are afraid to speak to their parents or teachers or guardian about that," he said.

Last month, on April 13, the teen was at the emergency room for an unrelated incident. That's when police say she reported the sexual assault involving Stukes.

"It's very serious when you think of a person who is a custodian, a person of authority that you entrust your child to stay with in their home," Rampey told WYFF. "It's very concerning that this person would take advantage of this victim."

Greenville attorney Karl Allen is representing Stukes. Allen issued this statement to WYFF:

"Mr. Stukes is an upstanding citizen. The allegations, in our opinion, are not credible and are very old. He looks forward to demonstrating his innocence in a court of law."

But then... he was charged:

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- The Greenville church official accused of having sex with a teenager has been arrested.

Dantae Stukes, 29, turned himself in Monday morning. Greenville police charged him with sex crimes involving a 14-year-old.

The arrest warrant said Stukes convinced the girl to have sex with him so she would know what to expect from her boyfriend in the future.

Stukes' bond was set at $15,000. He is now under house arrest.

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