Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christian deception by the LA Times

Usually I don't care what the media outlets say about Islam, no point in 'exposing' them or anything like that but this one article was totally off. Because I've said this before, 99% of the Muslim extremists terror is against Muslims and mosques. HARDLY are non-Muslims even targeted and when the rare times they are, Christians and news outlets attack Muslims, Islam from bringing on top Islamophobes and continuing their idiot forms of evangelism. This obviously tells, most people don't even care about the hundreds of Muslims who lose their lives every month in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. A church gets bombed, everyone joins the attack-Islam bandwagon yet the daily terror our muslim brothers and sisters face goes un-noticed.

Look at the headline the LA times threw on:

Coptic church bombing in Egypt is latest assault on Mideast Christians

We know narrow minded Western evangelists take this as another oppurtunity to promote their agenda of dehumanizing Muslims. Once again proving Muslims in the West are ever so unheard. Blah

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